What Are the Different Sections of the Abilene Police Department?

Leading the Abilene Police Department is Assistant Police Chief Doug Wrenn, who has been instrumental in many of the department’s advancements and relocations. Within the department, there are several major units or sections, each with its own set of responsibilities:

  • Front Counter Services: This section offers initial contact services to the public, providing assistance, gathering initial information, and directing residents to the appropriate departments.
  • Child Advocacy Center: A specialized unit dedicated to handling issues and cases related to children. This team works closely with other agencies to ensure the safety and welfare of young individuals in the community.
  • Dispatch Center: Responsible for receiving emergency and non-emergency calls, this unit acts as the crucial link between the public and the officers on duty.
  • Patrol Division: This unit’s officers are often seen patrolling the streets of Abilene. They are typically the first to respond to incidents, ensuring the safety of the area and its residents.

What is the History of the Abilene Police Department?

The Abilene Police Department has a rich history embedded in the heart of the city. For over three decades, the department was situated at the Law Enforcement Center in south downtown, sharing its space with the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office. Before this, the police department had its base in the basement of City Hall, a location it had occupied since 1965. The department’s recent relocation to its new headquarters at the former Kmart on South First Street represents another significant milestone in its enduring legacy.

How Does the Abilene Police Department Serve the Area?

The relationship between the Abilene Police Department and the community is a mutual one, grounded in trust, collaboration, and shared goals. One of the evident ways in which the department reaches out to the public is through events like the National Night Out, planned for October. Such initiatives offer residents an opportunity to engage with officers, understand their roles better, and foster a sense of camaraderie.

Collaboration with the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office also strengthens the department’s presence in the area. Although they have different operational bases, the synchronized efforts of both entities reinforce the safety and security mechanisms in place.

The recent move to a more spacious location in the old KMART building signifies the department’s commitment to enhancing its operational efficiency. This new facility allows for expanded spaces for evidence management, forensics, and other essential police functions, which directly translates to improved service delivery to the community.

The unwavering support of the Abilene community has been crucial for the department’s evolution. This sentiment is echoed by Assistant Police Chief Doug Wrenn, who expressed gratitude for the community’s consistent backing. In return, the Abilene Police Department remains steadfast in its mission to protect and serve, ensuring that Abilene remains a safe and welcoming city for all its inhabitants.

Address: 4565 South First Street, Abilene, Texas


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