What Are the Different Sections of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency?

Overseeing ALEA is the Secretary of ALEA, an official appointed by the Governor of Alabama. This law enforcement titan consists of major sections that are as unique as they are instrumental in enforcing peace and order.

  • Department of Public Safety: Originating as the Alabama Highway Patrol in 1936, this division handles public safety matters, focusing primarily on road safety and enforcing traffic laws. It educates young drivers on vehicle operation and safety.
  • State Bureau of Investigations: This division takes on the challenging task of probing complex criminal cases at the state level.
  • Administrative Division: Behind every successful law enforcement operation is an effective administrative structure. This division oversees the management and coordination of ALEA’s resources.
  • Driver License Division: This department manages all matters related to driver licenses, a critical aspect of road safety.
  • Highway Patrol: From its humble beginnings with 75 staff in 1936, this division is now a fully-fledged arm of the ALEA, tasked with traffic law enforcement and public road safety.
  • Protective Services Division: This division ensures the safety and protection of the state’s critical infrastructure and public facilities.
  • Service Division: This is the customer-facing arm of ALEA, handling interactions with the public and providing necessary services.

What is the History of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency?

The ALEA’s roots stretch back to 1936 when the Alabama Highway Patrol was formed with a staff strength of 75. It grew rapidly, and by 1938, the number of officers had swollen to 135. The patrol started with a focus on enforcing traffic laws, and in its first year alone, it made over 7,000 arrests. Later on, it began an education mission, making presentations to young drivers about vehicle operation and safety—a tradition that continues to this day.

Fast forward to 2015, when the Alabama Legislature proposed the creation of a unified law enforcement entity in Senate Bill 108 during the 2013 regular session. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) was formed on January 1, 2015, merging 12 state law enforcement agencies to provide consolidated law enforcement, investigative, and support services.

How Does the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Serve the People?

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency stands as a shining example of collaboration, with various divisions working in tandem to protect Alabama’s citizens. It oversees multiple functions, including homeland security, public safety, investigation, and enforcement. It not only enforces the law but also educates the public about various safety measures.

The department continues its education mission, carrying out presentations to young drivers on vehicle operation and safety. This interaction with the community fosters a culture of mutual respect and cooperation, which is essential for the maintenance of law and order.

In addition to local efforts, ALEA collaborates with national programs such as the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force Program. This initiative unites state and local law enforcement task forces in battling online enticement, child exploitation, and child pornography cases. ALEA’s participation in such programs is a testament to its commitment to the safety of every Alabamian and, indeed, every American.

Address: 301 S. Ripley St. Montgomery, AL 36102-1511.


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