What Are the Different Units of the Amarillo Police Department?

The Amarillo Police Department is headed by a Chief of Police, who is assisted by various sub-departments, each headed by a sergeant or officer in charge. Some key divisions of the department are:

  • Patrol Division: This is the backbone of the department, maintaining peace and order in the city and responding to emergency and non-emergency calls.
  • Detective Bureau: Responsible for investigating a wide range of crimes, the Detective Bureau plays a pivotal role in solving cases, from scams to violent crimes. They work closely with other departments and agencies as necessary.
  • Public Information Office: Managed by the Public Information Officer, this division handles the department’s media relations and public announcements.
  • Violent Crimes Unit: This team deals with serious crimes like homicide, armed robbery, and assaults. They are skilled investigators who can swiftly respond to serious incidents.
  • Online Reporting System: The APD provides an online reporting system for non-emergency incidents, making it easier for the public to report minor crimes or suspicious activities without having to visit the police station.

What is the History of the Amarillo Police Department?

The Amarillo Police Department has a rich history that spans over a century, having evolved into a modern law enforcement agency that serves one of the largest cities in Texas. The department has witnessed significant changes over the decades, both in terms of operational methods and the community it serves.

From a small force in its early years, the APD has grown to keep pace with the city’s expansion and the complex demands of contemporary law enforcement. It has implemented advanced policing strategies, adopted modern technologies, and fostered community partnerships to combat crime and maintain public safety.

How Does the Amarillo Police Department Serve the People?

The Amarillo Police Department values its relationship with the local community and emphasizes community policing and engagement as key aspects of its operations. The department collaborates with local residents, businesses, and community organizations to identify and address public safety concerns.

APD is dedicated to providing transparency and timely communication to residents. In light of this, the department is active on social media platforms and other channels, sharing important updates and information about ongoing cases, scams, and public safety advisories. Furthermore, APD works diligently to ensure residents are aware of how to report crimes and when to seek assistance, contributing to a well-informed and empowered community.

In addition to its regular law enforcement duties, the Amarillo Police Department is often called upon to address unique situations such as drive-by shootings or other incidents of violent crime. In such instances, the APD acts swiftly to investigate, protect citizens, and restore order. The department’s dedication to its mission and its unrelenting pursuit of justice stand as testaments to its commitment to the Amarillo community.

Address: 200 SE 3rd Ave, Amarillo, TX 79101, United States


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