What Are the Different Units of the Antioch Police Department?

The Antioch Police Department is divided into various specialized units and sections to cater to the multifaceted needs of the community effectively:

  • Police Administration: As the name suggests, this unit handles the administrative tasks of the police department. It is likely headed by the Chief of Police and manages the department’s strategy, budgeting, and overall mission.


  • Investigations Unit: This unit delves deeper into crimes and conducts thorough investigations to solve them. From analyzing evidence to interviewing witnesses, this team is dedicated to bringing culprits to justice.
  • Records Section: This division manages all official documentation and records for the department. It’s a hub of data, ranging from crime reports to official police statements.


  • Non-Emergency Dispatch: While emergencies call for a 911 dial, the non-emergency dispatch handles situations that require police intervention but aren’t immediate threats. This unit ensures that all residents have a way to communicate concerns without clogging up emergency lines.


  • Community Services: This section, though not explicitly mentioned in the provided details, is often integral to many police departments. They focus on building strong ties with the community through outreach programs, educational initiatives, and community policing.

What is the History of the Antioch Police Department?

The Antioch Police Department, given its rich commitment to the community, has likely seen its foundation laid down several decades ago. One can infer that the department has evolved significantly over the years. Initially set up to maintain peace within the budding community of Antioch, it has grown in its capacity, techniques, and methodologies to serve a population of over 96,000 residents today.

How Does the Antioch Police Department Serve the Community?

The Antioch Police Department is not merely a law enforcement agency; it’s a cornerstone of the community. Their mission statement reflects a profound commitment to protecting and partnering with the community, which implies a deeper relationship than mere enforcement.

The department engages in various crime prevention activities, such as Neighborhood Watch programs, Operation Identification, and residential security initiatives. These programs indicate a proactive approach, intending to, Instead of simply reacting to crime, try to prevent it.

The victim/witness assistance provided by the department signifies their dedication to supporting those affected by crime directly. It’s not just about catching the culprits but also ensuring that the victims and witnesses are cared for and supported throughout the process.

The commitment to leadership, fairness, and integrity speaks volumes about their approach. By maintaining trust and confidence, the department ensures a symbiotic relationship where residents see the police as allies and partners, not as adversaries.

The police department’s collaboration with online platforms such as Kinship Care CA shows its adaptability to the modern age and its efforts to reach out to the community in various ways. Whether through social media or collaborations with other platforms, the Antioch Police Department is striving to be more than just a traditional law enforcement agency but a true partner to the people of Antioch.


Address: 300 L Street Antioch, CA 94509


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