What Are the Different Sections of the Arkansas State Police?

At the helm of the Arkansas State Police is a director holding the rank of Colonel, directing the operations and guiding the strategy for the force. The agency is organized into different sections or units, each playing a vital role in the smooth functioning of law enforcement within the state. These include:

  • Highway Patrol: Comprising of twelve regional troops, this unit ensures traffic safety and enforces motor vehicle laws on the state’s highways.
  • Criminal Investigation: Made up of six regional companies, this unit is responsible for investigating crimes within the state.

Each section is a critical cog in the machine of justice, ensuring that the wheels keep turning smoothly, maintaining law and order within the state of Arkansas.

What is the History of the Arkansas State Police?

The roots of the Arkansas State Police trace back to the Road Patrol, established in 1929, formed to uphold the law within the state. However, it was not until March 19, 1935, that the Arkansas State Police came into formal existence. The new agency was constituted with thirteen officers, including seven “rangers.” In its infancy, the state police could only investigate crimes if requested by local authorities, reflecting the sensitivity of its impact on the authority of local officers.

How Does the Arkansas State Police Serve the Area?

As a premier law enforcement agency, the Arkansas State Police is deeply intertwined with the community it serves. It not only enforces the law but also collaborates closely with local law enforcement agencies. This partnership goes a long way in ensuring that the state’s laws are upheld and peace is maintained in communities.

The agency has forged strong relationships within the community by being responsive to the needs of local law enforcement agencies, which can request their assistance for investigations and other law enforcement activities. This level of collaboration has seen the State Police’s influence and acceptance grow, making it an indispensable part of the law enforcement landscape in the state.

Working for the Arkansas State Police is seen as a stable job with benefits, although advancement opportunities may be limited, according to some employee reviews. The force is a fast-paced environment, which can be both fulfilling and challenging. Overall, it provides an excellent platform for gaining law enforcement experience. Despite potential pay concerns and the challenging nature of the job, the Arkansas State Police remains a pillar of strength for law and order in the state.

Address: 1 State Police Plaza Dr, Little Rock, AR 72209, United States.


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