What Are the Different Units of the Aurora Police Department?

The Aurora Police Department is headed by Police Chief Art Acevedo, who plays a pivotal role in the decision-making process and oversees the department’s strategic direction. The APD’s structure can be further divided into several key units:

  • Public Information Officer Unit: This unit is under the leadership of Unit Supervisor Sergeant Faith Goodrich. Public Information Officers, including Matthew Longshore, Joe Moylan, and Sydney Edwards, are responsible for maintaining open communication between the department and the public. They release information related to police activities, respond to media queries, and keep the community informed through various social media platforms.
  • Criminal Investigation Unit: This team conducts comprehensive investigations into a myriad of criminal activities to aid in the arrest and prosecution of offenders.
  • Patrol Division: This division carries the significant responsibility of maintaining peace and security across the city. They respond to emergency calls, perform regular patrol duties, and are often the first on the scene during an incident.

What is the History of the Aurora Police Department?

The Aurora Police Department was established in 1945 with just a small team of officers. As the city grew, so did the department, transforming into a modern, professional police force. The department created a dedicated Public Information Officer unit in 2016 to facilitate better communication with the community.

How Does the Aurora Police Department Serve the Area?

The APD has a strong presence within the Aurora community. Committed to proactive community policing, the department keeps the public informed and connected through various channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Nextdoor. News releases, updates, and public alerts are regularly published on these platforms to ensure transparency and promote community engagement.

The department also takes its investigative responsibilities seriously. In recent incidents, like the shooting of Jor’Dell Richardson, they have ensured a high level of transparency by releasing body cam footage and other video evidence. They have also demonstrated responsiveness to changing circumstances during investigations, such as in the case of a situation near the Aurora Public Library that required residents to remain indoors for safety.

The APD has exhibited a commitment to community safety by promptly responding to violent incidents. In the recent road-rage shooting, the police responded promptly, identified the victim, and urged the public’s cooperation in tracking down the suspect. This illustrates their commitment to public safety and justice, making the city of Aurora a safer place every day.

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