Sections of the Austin Police Department

Heading the Austin Police Department is Chief Joseph Chacon, a stalwart of law enforcement with over three decades of police service. Chief Chacon has served the Austin community since April 2021, continuing to build upon the strengths of the department.

Noteworthy sections within the Austin Police Department include:

  • The Aggravated Assault Unit: This team specializes in dealing with violent offenses, dedicating their efforts to investigating and resolving cases of aggravated assault. Their mandate is to ensure that justice is served for victims while working tirelessly to maintain the safety of the community.
  • Cold Case Unit: The Cold Case Unit dives into the archives, striving to solve previously unresolved crimes. Their meticulous work often provides closure for victims and their families, ensuring that no case is truly forgotten.
  • Digital Forensics Unit: In the age of technology, the Digital Forensics Unit has become a crucial part of modern law enforcement. This team’s function includes analyzing digital evidence, such as data from computers and mobile devices, to support investigations and prosecutions.a

History of the Austin Police Department

Chief Joseph Chacon, a seasoned veteran with 31 years of experience in police work, took the helm of the APD in April 2021. Prior to his role as the Chief of Police, Chacon served as an Assistant Chief for almost five years, overseeing various divisions and contributing significantly to the department’s operations and success.

The Austin Police Department has consistently evolved to meet the growing needs of the Austin community, adapting its units and capabilities to ensure maximum public safety and effective law enforcement. With a history rich in service and commitment, the APD continues to uphold its mission to keep Austin a safe place to live, work, and visit.

How the Austin Police Department Serves the Area

One of the primary objectives of the Austin Police Department is fostering a symbiotic relationship with the communities it serves. The APD encourages public cooperation and communication, believing that collaboration with residents enhances public safety and crime prevention.

The APD has proven its commitment to public safety, as demonstrated in recent events involving “street takeovers” in Austin. Despite encountering hostility and facing resource shortages, the department managed to quickly and efficiently disperse three separate incidents, thereby maintaining order and safety in the community.

Moreover, the APD continually invests in public education and awareness, encouraging the community to be vigilant and proactive in maintaining their safety. This emphasis on community policing and partnership demonstrates the department’s commitment to serving the people of Austin, marking the Austin Police Department as a paragon of law enforcement dedication and community collaboration.

For the Austin Police Department, the community isn’t just the people they serve; it’s the people they serve with. This spirit of unity and cooperation forms the backbone of the APD’s strategy, enhancing not just the effectiveness of law enforcement but the fabric of Austin’s community life. Together, we are safer, stronger, and more resilient.

Address: 715 E 8th St, Austin, TX 78701, United States.


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