What is the Address of the Cochise County Sheriff's Office?

205 N. Judd Drive, Bisbee, AZ 85603

Sections of the Cochise County Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff, an elected official who oversees the office’s operations and strategic direction, is at the helm of the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office. Some of the critical divisions within the Sheriff’s Office include:

  • Law Enforcement Division: This division is in charge of providing police services to Cochise County’s unincorporated areas. It includes patrol deputies and detectives who investigate crimes and enforce the law.
  • County Jail Administration: This division is in charge of overseeing the county’s jail system and ensuring the inmate population’s safety and well-being. The division manages everything from inmate intake and release to health care.
  • Community Assistance Programs: A prominent initiative under this division is the ‘Are You Okay Program.’ It provides daily phone call check-ins for homebound or incapacitated individuals, with law enforcement dispatched for welfare checks if there’s no response.

History of the Cochise County Sheriff's Office

Formed in 1881, the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office has been the embodiment of law and order for the people of Cochise County for over a century. It’s seen a multitude of Sheriffs, such as Johnny Behan, Jerome L. Ward, Robert S. Hatch, and John Slaughter, who have each left their unique mark on its evolution. CCSO has continuously adapted to the changing times, facing challenges head-on and refining its methods and approach.

How the Cochise County Sheriff's Office Serves the Area

CCSO plays a pivotal role in safeguarding and serving the local community. Through effective law enforcement and the management of the county’s jail system, it upholds justice and promotes a safe environment for all.

The proposed construction of a new jail, funded through a half-cent sales tax, highlights the ongoing commitment of CCSO to improving conditions for inmates. Officials are keen on emphasizing the need for better medical and mental health services within the jail. This would mean that instead of transporting inmates to hospitals for care, they could be treated in-house, mitigating challenges for officers and providing better monitoring of inmates in withdrawal.

Moreover, CCSO is responsive to emergencies. Their swift response during the recent Wildhorse Fire, which led to temporary evacuations, underscores their dedication to protecting life and property. The Sheriff’s office is also deeply integrated within the community, offering services like the “Are You Okay Program.”

The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office serves as a vital institution that not only maintains law and order but also safeguards the health, safety, and well-being of the community it serves. As it evolves, its commitment to excellence and community service remains a defining characteristic.

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