What is the Mesa Police Department Address?

130 N Robson, Mesa, AZ 85201, United States.

Sections of the Mesa Police Department

The Mesa Police Department operates under the leadership of Chief Ken Cost, who has been with the department for over 28 years, holding various positions and ranks throughout his tenure. With 25 years of experience, he was appointed as the interim chief after the abrupt resignation of his predecessor, Chief Ramon Batista. Chief Cost’s appointment was officially confirmed after four months of serving in the interim role.


The department is organized into various units or sections, each specializing in different aspects of law enforcement. Some of the major sections within the Mesa Police Department include:

  • Patrol Division: Responsible for maintaining a visible presence in the community, responding to emergency calls, and proactively patrolling neighborhoods to prevent crime.
  • Investigations Bureau: Handles major investigations, conducts thorough detective work, and gathers evidence to solve crimes and bring perpetrators to justice.
  • Special Units: These units may include SWAT teams, K-9 units, narcotics units, and more, designed to address specific types of crime and situations that require specialized training and expertise.

    History of the Mesa Police Department

    Established in 1880, the Mesa Police Department has a long and storied history of serving the community. It has evolved to meet the needs and challenges of a growing city, undergoing significant changes and improvements over the years. Throughout its history, the department has demonstrated a commitment to public safety and the well-being of Mesa’s residents.

    However, the department has also faced challenges and controversies in the past, such as a sex scandal in 1991 involving some police officers. Despite these setbacks, the Mesa Police Department has strived to learn from its mistakes and implement reforms to better serve the community.

    How the Apache Junction Police Department Serves the Area

    Mesa Police Department plays an important role in providing a safe and secure environment for Mesa, Arizona residents. Its commitment to accountability and trust-building is evident in Chief Ken Cost’s emphasis on officer accountability and de-escalation training.

    To foster strong relationships and promote public safety, the department actively collaborates with the local community. Chief Cost’s involvement in volunteering and mentoring youth further showcases the department’s dedication to engaging with the community beyond law enforcement duties.

    Efforts to maintain low crime rates, emphasize community growth, and prioritize hiring and training reflect the department’s forward-looking approach to fulfilling its responsibilities effectively.

    The Mesa Police Department also recognizes the importance of transparency and public communication. Utilizing platforms like social media, such as their Twitter account, allows them to keep the community informed about ongoing efforts, initiatives, and public safety tips.

    The Mesa Police Department stands as a pillar of safety and security in the city of Mesa, Arizona. Under the leadership of Chief Ken Cost and a dedicated team of police officers, the department continues to uphold its commitment to public safety, community engagement, and accountability.

    With a rich history and an ever-evolving approach to law enforcement, the Mesa Police Department remains a critical partner in ensuring the well-being and prosperity of the community it serves. By fostering trust, collaboration, and transparency, the department strives to build a safer and stronger Mesa for all residents.

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