What is the Navajo County Sheriff's Office Address?

Navajo County Sheriff’s Office, P.O. Box 668 Holbrook, AZ 86025

Sections of the Navajo County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff: The Sheriff is the highest-ranking officer in the department and is responsible for overseeing all law enforcement activities within Navajo County. They ensure that the operations of the Sheriff’s Office align with the law and work towards the safety and welfare of the community.

  • Patrol Division: The Patrol Division is one of the core units of the Sheriff’s Office. Its primary responsibility is to conduct regular patrols throughout the county to deter criminal activities, respond to emergency calls, and provide immediate assistance to residents in need.
  • Investigations Unit: This unit focuses on conducting thorough investigations of reported crimes. Detectives within this unit gather evidence, interview witnesses, and work diligently to solve cases, bringing perpetrators to justice.
  • Special Response Team (SRT): The SRT is a specialized unit within the Sheriff’s Office that handles high-risk situations, such as hostage rescues and apprehending armed and dangerous suspects.
  • K-9 Unit: The K-9 Unit comprises highly trained police dogs and their handlers. These canine officers play a vital role in locating illegal substances, tracking suspects, and providing additional support during law enforcement operations.
  • Detention Center: The Sheriff’s Office operates a detention center to house arrested individuals awaiting trial or serving their sentences. The center ensures the safety and security of inmates and staff.

    How the Navajo County Sheriff's Office Serves the Area

    The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office is deeply rooted in its commitment to serving and protecting the community. Its collaboration with residents, local organizations, and other law enforcement agencies is vital for ensuring public safety. Some of the ways the Sheriff’s Office serves the area include:

    • Community Policing: The Sheriff’s Office actively engages in community policing efforts, fostering positive relationships with the public. Officers participate in community events, workshops, and educational programs to better understand the needs and concerns of the residents.
    • Crime Prevention: Through proactive measures and community outreach, the Sheriff’s Office strives to prevent crime before it happens. By educating the public on safety measures and providing resources for crime prevention, they aim to create a safer environment for everyone.
    • Emergency Response: In times of crisis, the Sheriff’s Office plays a critical role in emergency response and disaster management. Their quick and efficient actions help protect lives and property during natural disasters or other emergencies.
    • Anonymous Tips: To encourage citizens to play an active role in crime-solving, the Sheriff’s Office provides an avenue for anonymous tips. This allows community members to report suspicious activities without fear of retaliation.

      The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office serves as a cornerstone of law enforcement in the region, working diligently to safeguard the well-being of its residents. With its various specialized units, commitment to community policing, and emphasis on crime prevention, the Sheriff’s Office plays a critical role in maintaining a safe and secure environment for all who call Navajo County home.

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