What Are the Different Units of the Baldwin Park Police Department?

  • Homicide Unit: Responsible for investigating serious crimes, especially those involving the death of a victim. This unit would have been at the forefront during incidents such as the fatal stabbing in Baldwin Park.
  • Community Outreach Unit: Focuses on establishing and maintaining good relationships with the community. This unit would be responsible for events like the National Night Out, which encourages police-community collaboration.
  • Detective Bureau: Dedicated to solving crimes that require in-depth investigations. They were notably involved in investigating the recent department store thefts in Baldwin Park.
  • Traffic Unit: Handles incidents related to vehicular traffic, including accidents. Their involvement would be evident in situations like the freeway closure due to a fatal crash.
  • CCW License Program: A specialized section that handles the application and issuance of Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) licenses for residents of Baldwin Park.
  • Crime Prevention Unit: Works proactively to prevent crimes through community education and awareness programs.

What is the History of the Baldwin Park Police Department?

The history of the Baldwin Park Police Department is rooted in its commitment to serve the community. Over the years, the department has evolved, adapting to the changing needs of the community and the complexities of modern policing. With a vision to ensure a safe environment for all residents, the department has consistently endeavored to uphold the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and service. While incidents like the recent string of department store thefts or the fatal stabbing are challenging, the department’s resilience and dedication have always shone through, making Baldwin Park a safer place for all.

How Does the Baldwin Park Police Department Serve the People?

The Baldwin Park Police Department has, time and again, shown its unwavering commitment to serving the community. Their collaboration with the City of Baldwin Park, the Baldwin Park Unified School District, and other entities like Starbucks during the National Night Out event signifies their dedication to community involvement. Events like these not only foster police-community interaction but also work towards building trust and understanding.

Community engagement isn’t just limited to events. The department’s CCW License Program is a testament to its dedication to empowering residents, allowing qualified individuals to carry an approved concealed firearm for self-protection. By ensuring a streamlined online application process, the department ensures ease of access while maintaining stringent security checks.

The department’s proactive approach to crime prevention and investigation ensures that residents feel secure. Their recent bust of a department store theft ring and the diligent investigation into a fatal stabbing incident highlights their dedication to justice and order.

The department’s transparent approach, even in the face of technical challenges like the inadvertent broadcast of a private council meeting, showcases its commitment to accountability and integrity.

The Baldwin Park Police Department stands as a pillar of trust, dedication, and service, continually striving to ensure that the community of Baldwin Park remains a safe haven for its residents.


Address: 14403 Pacific Avenue, Baldwin Park


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