What Are the Different Divisions of the Birmingham Police Department?

Chief of Police Scott Thurmond: As the top officer of the Birmingham Police Department, Chief Scott Thurmond holds the pivotal role of overseeing the entire department’s operations, setting its strategic direction, and liaising with other law enforcement agencies, the mayor’s office, and the community.

Major Units or Sections:

  • Homicide Unit: This unit takes charge of all investigations related to deliberate killings in the city. Their dedicated detectives work relentlessly to solve cases, as seen in recent media releases concerning ongoing homicide investigations.
  • Community Engagement Unit: With events like the “Back To School Bookbag Giveaway Resource Fair,” this unit exemplifies the department’s commitment to building strong ties with the community it serves.
  • Child Protection Unit: The safeguarding of minors is paramount. Recent news highlights the department’s proactive measures, with arrests made concerning incidents where children have faced harm.
  • Forensics Unit: This section is integral for gathering and analyzing evidence, ensuring that investigations are thorough and conclusive.
  • Public Relations and Media: This division is responsible for the effective communication between the police department and the public. By releasing timely news and updates, it keeps the community informed and engaged.

What is the History of the Birmingham Police Department?

The Birmingham Police Department has been a cornerstone of the city since its early days. Formed in the late 19th century, the department has witnessed the city’s growth, its challenges, and its achievements. The department has always mirrored the community’s resilience, evolving its practices and tactics to suit the city’s changing needs. Its long-standing tradition of serving and protecting has been evident through various eras, from the industrial boom times to the civil rights movements and into the 21st century.

How Does the Birmingham Police Department Serve the Area?

Birmingham PD has always believed in the philosophy of community policing. This collaborative effort encourages active partnerships between the police force and the community members, ensuring the creation of safer neighborhoods.

The recent event hosted by BPD, the “Back To School Bookbag Giveaway,” is a testament to their dedication to community engagement. By organizing such events, they are not just ensuring safety but also fostering positive relationships, especially with the younger generation, ensuring they perceive the police as approachable and helpful.

BPD’s swift response to critical incidents, such as the tragic shooting of a firefighter, underscores their commitment to justice. They don’t just stop at maintaining law and order; they go the extra mile to ensure that the community feels heard, understood, and protected. The collaboration of the department with various stakeholders in the city, including other emergency services and educational institutions like UAB, further amplifies their holistic approach to security and safety in Birmingham.


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