What Are the Different Sections of the Cathedral City Police Department?

The Cathedral City Police Department comprises several distinct sections, each helmed by dedicated professionals who bring their expertise to the table. Let’s delve into the major units:

  • Traffic Bureau: Led by a motor sergeant and comprising three motor officers, this bureau primarily enforces state and local traffic laws. A secondary responsibility is to respond to and investigate traffic collisions within the city. Motor officers play a crucial role in increasing traffic law enforcement and ensuring better apprehension of offenders.


  • Narcotics Unit: Referenced from the incident with the Palm Desert Sheriff Station, this unit possibly deals with cases involving illegal substances. Their role is to investigate, apprehend, and aid in the prosecution of individuals involved in the illegal drug trade.


  • Community Engagement Unit: As deduced from their involvement with school preparations, this unit likely focuses on community outreach. It’s aimed at strengthening the bond between the police department and the community.


  • Media Information Bureau: This section manages media inquiries related to incidents and ensures that accurate and timely information is shared with the public and media outlets.

What is the History of the Cathedral City Police Department?

The roots of the Cathedral City Police Department run deep, with the department always aiming to adapt to the changing times and needs of its community. Historically, the department has shown a commitment to innovation, such as the reinitiation of the Traffic Bureau in May 2023. Moreover, the department’s decision to upgrade its equipment, as seen with the potential purchase of new BMW motorcycles, reflects its commitment to ensuring that its officers have the best tools at their disposal to serve the community effectively.

How Does the Cathedral City Police Department Serve the People?

The Cathedral City Police Department has always emphasized its role in the community beyond just law enforcement. Their proactive approach to community engagement is evident in their endeavors, like the school supplies event. By handing out essential school supplies and backpacks to students, they not only assist families but also establish a positive rapport with the younger generation.

Their collaboration with organizations like the Chance Initiative and other non-profit bodies showcases their adaptability and willingness to extend their outreach efforts. By collaborating with these entities, the department can maximize its impact, reaching even more residents of the Coachella Valley.

Jesse Borrego, the President of the Cathedral City Police Officers Association, embodies the department’s spirit. As a native of Cathedral City, his desire to give back to his community is palpable. Events like the first annual backpack event demonstrate the department’s commitment to being more than just a law enforcement agency. They want to be pillars of the community, supporting residents in various aspects of their lives.

Their collaboration with other law enforcement agencies, such as the Palm Desert Sheriff Station, ensures that crime is combated efficiently and effectively. By sharing resources and information, the Cathedral City Police Department amplifies its capacity to maintain law and order in the region.

The Cathedral City Police Department is more than just a law enforcement agency. Through community engagement, collaborations, and a genuine desire to serve, they continually showcase their commitment to the people of Cathedral City.


Address: 7600 E Palm Canyon Dr, Cathedral City, CA 92234