What Are the Different Sections of the Chino Police Department?

  • Crime Reporting & Emergency Response: Responds to non-life threatening emergencies. Provides assistance in reporting crimes


  • Special Enforcement Team: Focuses on narcotics or gang activity. Allows citizens to submit tips on illegal activities
  • Graffiti Reporting: Dedicated hotline for reporting neighborhood graffiti
  • Recruitment and Hiring: Offers career and volunteer opportunities. Ensures that the department operates with highly trained individuals

What is the History of the Chino Police Department?

Founded with the aim of safeguarding the community, the Chino Police Department has grown over the years, adjusting to the changing needs of the society it serves. With its roots deeply entrenched in the values of professionalism and integrity, the department has faced numerous challenges but has always emerged stronger. Chino Hills, where the department is based, became an incorporated city in 1991 and has since then benefited from the meticulous efforts of the police force. Their dedication to keeping the crime rate low has earned Chino Hills accolades, such as ranking Money Magazine ranks it 38th among the “Top 100 Best Places to Live in America.” in 2019.

How Does the Chino Police Department Serve the Community?

The Chino Police Department operates with a unique synergy, emphasizing collaboration with the community. Recognizing that the community is an integral part of its functioning, they often encourage residents to come forward and report crimes, ensuring that the trust between the police and the public remains intact.

The department offers specialized services such as text-to-911, which reflects its commitment to making emergency services accessible to all. The department believes in proactive policing, which is evident from the Special Enforcement Team’s efforts to curtail narcotics and gang activity. They offer a platform for residents to anonymously provide tips, further showcasing the shared responsibility of maintaining peace in Chino.

The Chino Police Department also prioritizes public relations, ensuring that its officers are viewed as approachable and trustworthy. Regular community interactions, outreach programs, and workshops reinforce the bond between the officers and the residents, fostering a sense of unity.

The commitment to ensuring a safe environment extends beyond traditional policing. Initiatives like the Graffiti Hotline highlight the department’s dedication to maintaining the city’s aesthetic appeal and ensuring that public spaces remain welcoming and safe.

The Chino Police Department is a stellar example of how law enforcement agencies can serve with dedication, adapt to changing societal needs, and maintain a harmonious relationship with the communities they serve. It exemplifies what can be accomplished when integrity, commitment, and community collaboration come together.


Address: 14077 Peyton Drive, Chino Hills, California 91709


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