What Are the Different Sections of the Citrus Heights Police Department?

  • Emergency Crime Reporting: This is the immediate line of contact for any emergency situation, ensuring rapid response and action.
  • General Business/Non-Emergency Dispatch: A more generalized department that caters to non-immediate concerns and issues. They handle inquiries and complaints and provide general assistance.
  • Detectives Division: Further divided into:
    • Person/Property Investigations: Focuses on crimes related to individuals or property theft and damage.
    • Special Investigations: Likely deals with higher-stake or complex investigations.
    • Youth Crime Prevention: Targets crimes involving or affecting younger individuals, ensuring their protection.


  • Live Scan or Fingerprinting: This department is involved in recording fingerprints, which can be instrumental in investigations.
  • Narcotics Tip Line: An avenue for citizens to report suspicious activities related to drugs, ensuring anonymity and prompt action.
  • Watch Commander: Overseeing the activities and ensuring smooth operations in the department.
  • Traffic Hotline: Dedicated to reporting and addressing traffic-related concerns.

What is the History of the Citrus Heights Police Department?

The Citrus Heights Police Department has undoubtedly grown in its stature and significance over time. Its journey has been a testament to adapting to the evolving challenges of the times while staying committed to the core values of safeguarding its community. From adapting to technological advancements like Live Scan fingerprinting to developing specialized departments for nuanced challenges, the department has striven to be ahead of the curve, always ready and always vigilant.

How Does the Citrus Heights Police Department Serve the Community?

The Citrus Heights Police Department, more than just a law enforcement entity, is a vital part of the community fabric. One of the primary ways the department reinforces its bond with the community is through accessibility. Residents can easily reach the department online, in person, via telephone, or even by fax. This multi-faceted approach ensures that no call goes unanswered and every concern is addressed.

The department offers specialized avenues, such as the Narcotics Tip and Traffic Hotline, allowing citizens to participate actively in maintaining safety. Such initiatives not only help in quick crime resolution but also empower the community, creating a shared sense of responsibility.

Collaboration also extends to partnerships with external entities. Platforms like JustServe.org have mentioned the Citrus Heights Police Department, signifying potential collaborations that benefit the broader community. This collaborative approach underscores the department’s commitment to not just react to situations but to be proactive in community building and crime prevention.

The presence of the department on popular platforms like Yelp, where citizens share their experiences, reveals an organization willing to be in the public eye, accepting feedback, and continuously evolving. Their commitment is not just to uphold the law but to be an institution that resonates trust, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to the Citrus Heights community.


Address: 6315 Fountain Square Drive, Citrus Heights, CA 95621


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