What Are the Different Sections of the Colorado Department of Revenue?

At the helm of the Colorado DOR is the Executive Director, providing strategic leadership and ensuring the department’s smooth operation. The Department is divided into several key sections, each pivotal to Colorado’s fiscal health and public services.

  • The Taxation Division: This unit manages the collection of all state taxes. It ensures taxpayer compliance and provides vital assistance in understanding and meeting tax obligations.
  • The Division of Motor Vehicles: This division is responsible for issuing state identification cards and driver licenses, managing vehicle registration, and ensuring adherence to Colorado’s motor vehicle laws.
  • The Enforcement Division: This section is in charge of enforcing Colorado laws pertaining to gaming, liquor, tobacco, racing, auto dealers, and marijuana. It contributes to the preservation of legal and safe practices in these industries.
  • The Lottery Division: Known for generating winners like Bill S., who won a massive Colorado Lotto+ jackpot, this division oversees the organization and operation of state lotteries, thereby contributing to the state’s revenue.

What is the History of the Colorado Department of Revenue?

The Colorado DOR was established to ensure the effective and efficient collection of state revenues and the enforcement of state laws related to taxation and licensing. Over the years, the Department has evolved, adapting to the changes in Colorado’s economic landscape and the needs of its residents.

With the advent of online businesses, the Department has recently taken significant steps toward establishing an economic nexus standard for remote sellers. This move marks an important evolution in the DOR’s tax policy, reflecting the changing dynamics of the retail industry and the rise of e-commerce.

How Does the Colorado Department of Revenue Serve the Area?

The Colorado DOR plays a significant role in serving the area, creating a bridge between the state and its citizens. Its primary function, tax collection, is integral to state funding, enabling the provision of vital public services and infrastructure development.

The Department also serves the community through its enforcement division, which maintains order and legality in various sectors, ensuring safe practices for Colorado residents. This function fosters a sense of security and legality in sectors that could otherwise face challenges related to unregulated activities.

In addition to the above, the DOR plays a crucial role in enabling businesses in Colorado. It offers customer service and tax assistance at its walk-in Service Center, providing essential guidance and support to enterprises. For aspiring entrepreneurs, resources like the Colorado Business Resource Book and online registration options facilitate the process of starting a business, reflecting the DOR’s commitment to supporting Colorado’s business landscape.

The Colorado Department of Revenue, through its multiple divisions and dedicated services, maintains a symbiotic relationship with society, fostering an environment of mutual growth and progression.

Address: 1375 Sherman St, Denver, CO 80261, United States.


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