What Are the Different Divisions of the Colton Police Department?

The Colton Police Department is led by the Chief of Police, currently held by Henry Dominguez. The department is structured into several major sections, each with its unique responsibility:

  • Patrol Unit: This is often the most visible section of any police department. Officers in the Patrol Unit are responsible for patrolling the streets, responding to calls, and ensuring the general safety of the public.
  • Detectives Division: This unit handles more complex cases that require in-depth investigations. They delve deep into incidents, gather evidence, and work to solve cases that might not be immediately clear.
  • Traffic Division: Tasked with enforcing traffic laws, this unit ensures that roads and highways within Colton are safe for motorists and pedestrians alike.
  • K-9 Unit: Utilizing specially trained police dogs, this unit is often called upon for various tasks, including drug detection, search and rescue, and suspect apprehension.

    Animal Control and Code Enforcement: This section focuses on maintaining the safety and welfare of animals within the city. They also ensure that city codes related to animals are enforced.

    Administration: Headed by the Chief, this unit ensures the smooth running of the department, handling everything from budgeting to public relations.

What is the History of the Colton Police Department?

Established to serve the community of Colton, the police department has grown and evolved over the years, adapting to the changing needs and demands of the city. The city’s location in the Inland Empire, 57 miles east of Los Angeles, has given it a unique demographic and cultural mix, and the department has continually risen to the challenge of ensuring peace and safety. With a dedicated team and a rich history, the Colton Police Department remains an integral part of the community’s fabric.

How Does the Colton Police Department Serve the Area?

The Colton Police Department goes beyond just enforcing the law; it plays a crucial role in building a strong relationship with the community. Through outreach programs and community policing initiatives, the force ensures that residents are not just subjects of protection but also partners in maintaining order.

Public engagement events and workshops allow the residents to get to know their local officers, fostering trust and mutual respect. These initiatives also provide a platform for the community to voice their concerns and for the police to offer guidance on personal safety, crime prevention, and community involvement.

Collaborations with local organizations, schools, and other institutions have enabled the department to reach a broader audience, educating them on the role of the police and how they can contribute to a safer community.

The Colton Police Department continually seeks feedback from residents. By keeping an open line of communication, they ensure that the force remains transparent, accountable, and ever-ready to serve the people of Colton.


Address: 650 N. La Cadena Drive, Colton, CA 92324