What Are the Different Units of the Concord Police Department?

The department is led by the diligent Police Chief Mark Bustillos, who consistently keeps the Concord City Council updated on the department’s activities related to public safety.

Major sections or units within the Concord Police Department include:

  • Drone Unit: This contemporary unit leverages drone technology for surveillance, crime scene analysis, and other essential tasks.
  • Honor Guard: An elite section, the Honor Guard represents the department during official ceremonies, functions, and events.
  • Violence Suppression Team: Dedicated to mitigating and responding to violent crimes, ensuring that the streets of Concord remain peaceful.
  • Special Enforcement Team (SET): This team manages high-risk situations, often involving complex operations and special tactics.
  • SWAT: Ready to react swiftly to critical incidents, the SWAT team is equipped to handle scenarios that go beyond the capability of routine patrol resources.
  • Crisis Negotiations Team: Specialized in de-escalating intense situations, they negotiate during standoffs or hostage scenarios, aiming for peaceful resolutions.
  • Community Impact Unit: This unit focuses on building strong relationships within the community, promoting mutual trust and cooperation.

What is the History of the Concord Police Department?

The Concord Police Department, although modern in its operations and strategies, is rooted in the rich history of the city itself. Over the years, the department has witnessed the city’s evolution and has adapted to serve a growing and diverse population. From its early days of serving a modest community to now being a pivotal entity in a city buzzing with activity, the Concord Police Department has continuously reshaped its strategies to align with the community’s changing needs.

How Does the Concord Police Department Serve the People?

The Concord Police Department places significant emphasis on its partnership with the community. This collaboration is viewed as a cornerstone in their mission to enhance safety. Through community engagement, forums, and open dialogues, the department ensures they remain attuned to the needs and concerns of Concord’s residents.

The department’s commitment to “resolve problems” shows its proactive approach to not just responding to issues but actively seeking solutions. This method not only deals with immediate concerns but also aims at preventing future incidents.

With officers passionate about their roles and dedicated to the citizens, the Concord Police Department promises a blend of professionalism and genuine concern. By valuing attributes like human life, integrity, and community service, they aim to foster a relationship of trust, making Concord a city where safety and community spirit thrive hand in hand.

Address: The Concord Police Department is situated at 1350 Galindo St, Concord, CA 94520, United States.


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