What Are the Different Divisions of the Costa County Sheriff's Office?

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office is helmed by Captain Tory Kornblum. Under his leadership, the department comprises several key units and divisions, each playing a unique role:

  • Records & ID Section: This section is responsible for the maintenance, retrieval, and provision of criminal justice records. They ensure the availability of essential records for legal and administrative purposes.
  • Volunteer Services: Engaging the community, this section leverages the power of volunteers to aid in various sheriff’s office functions, promoting community collaboration.
  • Emergency Services Division: Primarily focused on handling critical incidents, this division is equipped to respond swiftly to emergencies and ensure public safety.
  • Law Enforcement Training Center: This is where the personnel of the sheriff’s office receive their training. The center focuses on imparting both foundational and advanced law enforcement skills.
  • CCW (Carry Concealed Weapons) Unit: This unit handles the licensing and regulation of concealed weapons within the county, ensuring public safety by overseeing legal permissions.
  • Community Services/Crime Prevention Unit: As suggested by its name, this unit works closely with the community to ensure crime prevention through awareness and engagement.

What is the History of the Costa County Sheriff's Office?

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, with its current stature, has been a product of years of evolution, commitment, and dedication to serving the community. While its beginnings were humble, the department has, over the years, grown in both size and capability, aligning itself with the changing times and requirements of Contra Costa County.

Located near notable places such as Buchanan Field Airport and Diablo Valley College, the Sheriff’s Office has always been at a strategic point, ensuring optimum coverage and response times. Over the years, the department has adapted, innovated, and incorporated the most recent technological advancements to meet the evolving demands of the community it serves.

How Does the the Costa County Sheriff's Office Serve the People?

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office goes beyond its primary role of maintaining law and order. One of its recent initiatives includes the Citizens Academy. This six-week course offers residents an in-depth, hands-on experience of the functions of the Sheriff’s Office. It aims at fostering a profound understanding of the critical role played by the department in the community. Such programs, held periodically, provide a platform for the community to interact with law enforcement, breaking down barriers and building trust.

Their proactive engagement with the community is evident in their outreach programs. Events like the Summer Pop-Up Party showcase the department’s intent to foster community relationships in a relaxed and fun environment. These events serve as a bridge, allowing the residents to see the human side of law enforcement and vice versa.

The Sheriff’s Office prides itself on its state-of-the-art Mobile Command Center. This vehicle, equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensures that the department can handle critical incidents seamlessly. From natural disasters to critical operations, this vehicle strengthens the department’s promise of ensuring safety and security.

Their frequent shoutouts and acknowledgments, like the one to Deputy Calderon, highlight the internal community within the department. Recognizing the hard work and commitment of their team members, they ensure that morale remains high, further guaranteeing top-notch service to the county’s residents.


Address: 1850 Muir Road, Martinez, CA 94553