Sections of the Coolidge Police Department

  • Police Chief: The Police Chief serves as the head of the Coolidge Police Department. This position is responsible for overseeing the entire agency’s operations, setting policies, and making critical decisions to maintain public safety.
  • Patrol Division: The division is any police department’s backbone. This unit’s officers are in charge of patrolling the city’s streets, responding to emergency calls, conducting traffic stops, and conducting preliminary investigations. They are often the first responders to incidents, providing rapid assistance when needed.
  • Criminal Investigations Division: This specialized unit is responsible for investigating serious crimes such as homicides, robberies, sexual assaults, and other complex cases. This division’s detectives use their knowledge to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and apprehend suspects.
  • Community Policing Unit: The Community Policing Unit focuses on building strong relationships with the local community. Officers in this unit engage in community outreach programs, attend neighborhood meetings, and collaborate with residents to identify and address specific concerns and issues affecting the area. This unit aims to foster trust and cooperation between law enforcement and the public.


History of the Coolidge Police Department

The Coolidge Police Department has a rich history that dates back several decades. It was established to serve and protect the growing community of Coolidge, Arizona. The department has evolved over time to meet the changing needs and challenges of law enforcement.

Initially, the police department started with a small team of officers responsible for maintaining order and responding to local incidents. As the city’s population grew, so did the police department, expanding its resources, personnel, and specialized units to ensure effective law enforcement services.

How the Coolidge Police Department Serves the Area

The Coolidge Police Department places great emphasis on working with the community. Recognizing that public safety is a shared responsibility, the department invites the community’s collaboration in maintaining peace and order. In this spirit of partnership, the police serve as a reassuring presence, providing both emergency and non-emergency services.

The department’s location near significant landmarks such as the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument and Coolidge High School underscores its central role in community life. Whether it’s responding to a 9-1-1 emergency call or a non-emergency issue, the department is always ready to assist the Coolidge community.

The Coolidge Police Department sets a high standard for policing with its unwavering commitment to public safety, professional approach, and collaborative spirit. It’s more than just a law enforcement agency; it’s a community partner dedicated to ensuring the well-being of every resident in Coolidge.

Address:911 S Arizona Blvd, Coolidge, AZ 85128, United States.

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