What Are the Different Units of the Corpus Christi Police Department?

The Corpus Christi Police Department is led by Police Chief Markle, who has worked in various positions within the department before his appointment as the Chief of Police on January 12, 2016. Some key units within the department include:

  • Patrol Division: This division, where Chief Markle began his service, forms the backbone of the department. Patrol officers respond to calls, enforce laws, and work directly with the community.
  • SWAT Team: As a past member of the SWAT team, Chief Markle understands the crucial role this unit plays in handling high-risk situations that exceed the capabilities of normal patrol resources.
  • Honor Guard Team: This ceremonial unit is responsible for presenting a positive image of the department at public and official events.
  • Investigations Bureau: This division handles all investigative functions of the department. As a past Executive Officer and Assistant Chief of this Bureau, Chief Markle has intimate knowledge of its crucial role in solving crimes.
  • Operations Bureau: This division coordinates and oversees the tactical operations of the department, ensuring a prompt and effective response to public safety incidents.

What is the History of the Corpus Christi Police Department?

The history of the Corpus Christi Police Department is intertwined with the growth and development of the city. Since its inception, the department has been instrumental in maintaining public safety and contributing to the well-being of the citizens. Notably, in 1989, Chief Markle entered the 44th session of the Corpus Christi Police Academy and, upon graduation, began serving the citizens as a patrol officer.

Over the years, the department has grown and evolved, reflecting the changing needs and demands of the city. The CCPD’s progression has been marked by the incorporation of advanced technologies and strategies aimed at effectively addressing the complexities of modern-day law enforcement.

How Does the Corpus Christi Police Department Serve the People?

The Corpus Christi Police Department, with its dedicated personnel and efficient organization, works tirelessly to maintain law and order in the city. They prepare for all major events, such as the Mayor’s Big Bang Celebration and spring break, by increasing patrols and ensuring public safety measures are adhered to. The department has proved its ability to manage large crowds effectively and to keep the city secure during such events.

The CCPD also works with the community to foster a strong sense of mutual respect and understanding. It encourages public participation in safety initiatives and works alongside residents to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. It emphasizes maintaining steady communication with the community to understand their needs and concerns better.

The dedicated Corpus Christi Police Department works closely with other agencies and departments. For instance, during National Police Week, the Port of Corpus Christi honors the department’s officers for their commitment and sacrifices, acknowledging the pivotal role they play in maintaining the city’s safety and security. This mutual respect and recognition play a key role in fostering inter-agency cooperation, leading to a more efficient, unified approach to public safety in Corpus Christi.

Address: 321 John Sartain St, Corpus Christi, Texas, 78401-2511, United States.


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