What Are the Different Units of the Costa Mesa Police Department?

Leading the Costa Mesa Police Department is Ronald Lawrence, who holds the distinguished position of Police Chief. Under his able guidance, the department is structured into various sections or units, each playing a pivotal role in maintaining law and order:

  • Police-Animal Control: Ensures the welfare of animals and regulates related concerns within the community.
  • Crime Analysis: Deploys sophisticated analytical tools and strategies to preempt criminal activities, ensuring that potential threats are neutralized before they materialize.
  • Emergency Notifications (AlertOC): A dedicated unit that ensures timely communication to the public during emergencies and critical incidents.
  • Text Alerts: Provides real-time information to subscribers about ongoing situations or events that may affect public safety.
  • Live Scan and Ink Card Fingerprinting Services: Offers biometric and fingerprinting services, essential tools in the modern fight against crime.
  • Teen Academy: An initiative to engage young members of the community, fostering better relationships and understanding between the youth and law enforcement.

What is the History of the Costa Mesa Police Department?

Founded to be the bulwark against crime and disorder, the Costa Mesa Police Department has experienced an evolution from its early days. Steadfast in its commitment to the residents of Costa Mesa, the department has grown in size, infrastructure, and technology. While maintaining a focus on traditional policing methods, CMPD has seamlessly integrated modern tools and practices, setting benchmarks for other departments to emulate.

From a humble beginning with a handful of officers, today’s CMPD boasts a strength of 136 sworn officers and an additional 76 civilian staff members. The journey through the decades has been marked by challenges, achievements, and a persistent ambition to serve the community better with each passing day.

How Does the Costa Mesa Police Department Serve the Area?

Costa Mesa Police Department’s commitment extends beyond traditional law enforcement. Recognizing the significance of community engagement, the CMPD actively fosters relationships through various outreach initiatives.

CMPD’s “people-focused” approach has been pivotal in bridging any divide between the force and the community. By placing people at the heart of its operations, the department ensures that its actions are always in the best interest of the community.

Through programs like the Teen Academy and Citizens Programs, the CMPD provides a platform for community members to gain insights into the world of policing. Such initiatives demystify law enforcement operations, cultivating trust and mutual respect.

The CMPD prioritizes transparency and open communication. By offering services such as AlertOC and Text Alerts, residents are kept in the loop about events and situations that could impact their safety.

Partnerships play a pivotal role in CMPD’s operations. Whether collaborating with other local departments or engaging in community-oriented policing, these partnerships amplify the department’s effectiveness, ensuring that Costa Mesa remains a haven of peace and safety for all.


Address: 99 Fair Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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