Sections of the Dallas Police Department

The Dallas Police Department operates under the stewardship of Chief Edgardo (Eddie) Garcia. The department functions through seven geographical divisions, each overseen by a deputy chief of police. These divisions can be further categorized into distinct units, as outlined below:

  • Investigative Unit: Every division houses its own investigative unit that handles burglary and theft cases. This unit specializes in collecting and interpreting evidence to solve these crimes.
  • Community Engagement Unit: This unit emphasizes fostering trust with the community, strengthening the relationship between residents and law enforcement.
  • Digital Evidence Management: Charged with handling and appropriately storing digital records, including body camera footage and interview recordings.

History of the Dallas Police Department

The Dallas Police Department has been serving the city of Dallas since 1881, establishing itself as an integral part of the community. In recent years, the DPD has seen significant leadership changes, most notably the appointment of Chief Eddie Garcia in 2021. Chief Garcia, the department’s 30th police chief, made history as the first Latino to hold this position.

Chief Garcia brought with him 31 years of law enforcement experience, along with a strong commitment to building community trust and reducing crime. The DPD has also mourned the loss of former Police Chief David Kunkle, who passed away in 2023. Remembered for his impactful legacy, Kunkle’s dedication to service continues to inspire the department.

How the Dallas Police Department Serves the Area

The dedication of the Dallas Police Department to service extends beyond law enforcement. The department, led by Chief Garcia, places a strong emphasis on community engagement and public safety. This is evident in Garcia’s initiatives to foster trust, increase transparency, and promote fair policing.

Moreover, the DPD strives to implement strategies to reduce crime in Dallas. One such initiative is the use of a violent crime plan involving hot-spot policing and focused deterrence. The DPD has been able to significantly reduce violent crime by segmenting the city into grids, improving the Dallas residents’ quality of life.

In addition to crime reduction efforts, the DPD is making strides toward ensuring responsible management of digital evidence. After discovering potential violations of evidence laws, the department has taken active measures to rectify this issue, underlining its commitment to upholding the law and maintaining public trust.

The Dallas Police Department is committed to supporting the mental wellness of its officers and staff. Recognizing the immense pressures faced by law enforcement personnel, DPD conducted focus groups and sought feedback to improve its mental health support resources. In doing so, the department aims to create an environment of understanding and support, ensuring its members can continue serving the Dallas community to the best of their abilities.

Address: Dallas Police Department Address: 1400 S Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75215, United States.


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