What Are the Different Units of the Daly City Police Department?

  • Chief of Police: Typically the highest-ranking officer in a police department. This individual oversees all operations and sets the strategic direction for the department.
  • Patrol Unit: Responsible for general police patrols and responding to emergency calls. Officers in this unit maintain a visible presence to deter crime and can offer immediate assistance when needed.
  • Criminal Investigations Division (CID): Handles major crime investigations such as homicides, sexual assaults, and robberies. Detectives in this unit delve deep into cases, gathering evidence and ensuring justice is served.
  • Traffic Division: Focuses on enforcing traffic laws, investigating traffic accidents, and promoting road safety.
  • Community Outreach Unit: This unit is possibly responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with local businesses, schools, and community groups. They likely organize events, workshops, and programs to bridge the gap between the police and the community.
  • Specialized Units: Many police departments have specialized units such as SWAT, canine teams, and cybercrime units. These teams have officers with specific training to handle unique situations.

What is the History of the Daly City Police Department?

The roots of the Daly City Police Department likely intertwine with the history and growth of Daly City itself. It’s safe to assume that as Daly City grew and evolved, so did its need for law enforcement. Over the years, the department has likely faced numerous challenges and undergone various changes, adapting and modernizing its methods and practices to best serve the evolving needs of the Daly City community.

How Does the Daly City Police Department Serve the Area?

The Daly City Police Department serves its community with a clear vision and mission to create a safe environment for residents to live, work, and play. This isn’t just a statement; it’s a commitment evident in their active partnership with the local populace. They foster a sense of unity and shared responsibility for the safety and well-being of all by collaborating with citizens, schools, and businesses.

In this age of digital communication, social media is crucial. The department’s presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter not only allows them to disseminate vital information quickly but also facilitates a two-way conversation with the community. It’s an effective tool for transparency, building trust, and gathering feedback.

The department’s emphasis on community programs and activities showcases its dedication to proactive measures rather than just reactive policing. Through these initiatives, they aim to address the root causes of issues, be they social, economic, or educational, that might lead to crime or discord.

In their recruitment processes, as seen for positions like Police Officer (Lateral), the department places a significant emphasis on thorough background checks, psychological evaluations, and medical examinations. This rigorous selection process ensures that only the best and most suited individuals serve the community, further emphasizing their commitment to excellence and the safety of Daly City residents.


Address: 333 90th St, Daly City, California, 94015-1896.


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