What Are the Different Divisions of the Davis Police Department?

Chief Landy Black currently heads the Davis Police Department. His leadership encompasses various sections and units within the department, each crucial for the efficient functioning of the police force:

  • Economic Development: This unit focuses on fostering community growth by ensuring a safe environment for businesses and local industries.
  • Community Development and Sustainability: Concentrating on building a relationship with the local community, this section educates residents on sustainable practices and contributes to community welfare.
  • Urban Forestry and Wildlife: Dedicated to maintaining the green cover and urban ecology, this section ensures a harmonious balance between the city’s development and its natural habitats.
  • Parks and Community Services: Apart from ensuring safety in public areas, this unit collaborates with community members to organize local events and activities.
  • Public Works: Liaising closely with this section, the police department ensures that any public infrastructure project doesn’t compromise the city’s safety.

What is the History of the Davis Police Department?

The Davis Police Department has a rich history, evolving over the decades to meet the needs of the growing city. The department’s building underwent a significant change when they moved from their downtown location to the new police station designed by Indigo Architecture. This new establishment replaced the previous site at 226 F Street, which later became Bistro 33. A visual memory from the past, the sight of police cars lining F Street serves as a nostalgic reminder of the department’s presence and its long-standing commitment to the community.

How Does the Davis Police Department Serve the People?

Being in a college town, the Davis Police Department plays a pivotal role in mediating and maintaining harmony between long-term residents and student communities. Their responsibilities don’t just end with typical law enforcement duties; they also play a vital part in fostering community trust.

Collaborations with local entities, be it schools or other community organizations, ensure that the police force is always attuned to the area’s specific needs. Their involvement in community events and activities, combined with regular public interactions, creates a sense of trust and reliability.

The police department has shown adaptability, adopting new techniques and vehicles to stay abreast with modern policing methods. Their use of the Ford Crown Victoria Police car, known for its reliability and speed, is an example of their commitment to efficiency.

The Davis Police Department is not just about enforcing the law. They emphasize transparency and open communication and are always looking for ways to enhance their relationship with the community. By building bridges and establishing firm lines of dialogue, the department embodies the spirit of community-centric policing.


Address: 2600 Fifth Street, Davis, CA 95618


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