What Are the Different Units of the Delano Police Department?

The Delano Police Department is helmed by the Chief of Police, Tyson Davis. The department is further divided into distinct sections, each with its own specialized functions:

  • Administrative Division: This division handles the internal workings of the department, ensuring that all operations run smoothly. This encompasses staffing, finances, and logistical support.
  • Patrol Division: Often the first point of contact for the general public, the Patrol Division is tasked with regular patrols, emergency response, and attending to immediate safety concerns of the residents.
  • Investigations Division: Focusing on in-depth criminal probes, this division delves into various cases, ensuring justice is served. Their scope ranges from minor incidents to major criminal activities.
  • K-9 Unit: These highly trained police dogs, alongside their handlers, assist in various tasks, from drug detection to search and rescue operations.
  • Gang Unit: This specialized unit addresses gang-related activities, ensuring that such threats are minimized and controlled.
  • Public Safety Dispatch: This unit ensures rapid communication and coordination, acting as a vital bridge between the public and the responding units.
  • Traffic Division: Concentrating on road safety, this division addresses traffic violations, investigates accidents, and promotes safe driving practices.

What is the History of Delano Police Department?

The Delano Police Department was established in 1913, marking its roots over 110 years ago. Since its inception, the department has witnessed the changing landscapes of both the city and the field of law enforcement. Initially, with limited resources and personnel, the department has grown manifold in terms of its staffing, budget, and capabilities. As of 2011, with an annual budget of $8.0 million, the department continues to adapt and evolve to cater to the needs of a growing population and the ever-changing dynamics of law enforcement.

How Does the Delano Police Department Serve the People?

The Delano Police Department has a strong ethos of community partnership. Recognizing the importance of collaborative efforts, the department often works hand-in-hand with local residents, businesses, and other stakeholders. This synergy not only aids in crime prevention but also fosters trust, making law enforcement a community-driven effort.

The department offers a plethora of services ranging from narcotics enforcement and crime prevention to school resource programs and gang suppression. These services underscore their commitment to ensuring a safe environment for all. The Delano Animal Shelter is another testament to its diverse range of community services.

The mission of the Delano Police Department is to maintain a dedicated and professional workforce. By regularly training its personnel and equipping them with the latest tools, the department ensures quality services are delivered consistently.

The department’s commitment extends beyond just the city limits. The department’s reach is both vast and influential, thanks to collaborations such as the Delano Substation. This inter-departmental cooperation underlines their commitment to a broader goal – ensuring peace, safety, and justice for all.


Address: 2330 High Street Delano, CA 93215