Sections of the Douglas Police Department

The Douglas Police Department, like a well-structured organization, is divided into distinct units, each contributing uniquely to the overall functioning and performance of the department. Here is an insight into the structure:

  • Leadership: At the helm of the department are its committed leaders, diligently guiding the sworn and civilian staff toward the achievement of their common goal: serving and protecting the Douglas community.
  • Sworn Staff: This unit comprises 34 sworn officers, each dedicated to upholding the law, protecting the citizens, and maintaining peace and order. Their duties range from patrolling the streets to investigating crimes and everything in between.
  • Civilian Staff: Fourteen members constitute the civilian staff, aiding and assisting in various administrative and support roles. Their responsibilities extend to logistical assistance, record maintenance, and community liaison tasks, among other things.

History of the Douglas Police Department

The Douglas Police Department, AZ, has grown over the years into a crucial pillar of public safety in the community. Its evolution from a modest security establishment into a 48-strong team dedicated to law enforcement is a testament to its commitment to the city’s safety and well-being.

How the Douglas Police Department Serves the Area

The Douglas Police Department, true to its motto, seeks to protect and serve its community round the clock. However, their service extends beyond basic law enforcement and involves a more profound bond with the community.

  • Engagement: The department is dedicated to serving its residents and visitors fairly, fostering trust and understanding between the police and the community. They believe in the importance of dialogue and mutual respect in enhancing public safety.
  • Training and Equipage: Recognizing the need for ongoing learning and innovation, the department prioritizes the provision of adequate training and necessary equipment for its staff. This ensures that they remain competent and prepared to face the challenges of contemporary policing.
  • Community Collaboration: The department believes in the power of community collaboration. They work closely with the public, businesses, schools, and community groups to promote safer neighborhoods. Their vision involves implementing effective crime prevention strategies, promoting professional and well-trained employees, utilizing modern practices, and forming partnerships with local organizations.

The Douglas Police Department, AZ, serves as a trusted guardian of public safety. It continues to evolve, adapt, and innovate in its commitment to making Douglas a secure and harmonious place to live, work, and visit.


300 E 14th St, Douglas, AZ 85607, United States