What Are the Different Units of the Downey Police Department?

The Department is spearheaded by the competent leadership of Police Chief Carl Charles. His vision and guidance set the direction for the entire Department, ensuring the highest standards of policing are maintained.

  • Direct Dispatch:  Emergency and Non-Emergency Service: This unit is the backbone of the Department’s response mechanism. Available 24/7, they handle both emergency and non-emergency calls from residents, providing a swift and efficient response to situations.


  • Direct Dispatch: Emergency Number for Agencies Only: Designed exclusively for inter-agency communication, this unit facilitates coordination among various law enforcement agencies and emergency services.
  • Public Relations and Community Outreach: This section plays a pivotal role in establishing a strong bond between the police and the community. They organize events, workshops, and outreach programs that allow residents to interact with the police, fostering trust and understanding.
  • Criminal Investigation Division: Tasked with solving crimes, this division is packed with seasoned detectives and experts who use advanced techniques and technologies to crack even the most challenging cases.

What is the History of the Downey Police Department?

The Downey Police Department has been an integral part of the community for decades. Its origins can be traced back to a time when Downey was a budding city looking to establish a strong law and order framework. Over the years, the Department has seen many transformations, adapting to the evolving challenges of modern-day policing. Their journey from a modest establishment to a full-fledged, technologically advanced police department is a testament to their resilience and commitment to the community.

Their story is not just about enforcing the law but about being there for the community in times of need. Whether it’s natural disasters, community events, or challenging crime scenarios, the Downey Police Department has always risen to the occasion, upholding the ideals of justice and community welfare.

How Does the Downey Police Department Serve the Area?

The Downey Police Department isn’t just about maintaining law and order. It’s about creating a community where residents feel safe, heard, and respected. Their proactive approach ensures that they aren’t just reacting to crimes but also taking measures to prevent them.

One of the hallmarks of their community engagement is their emphasis on transparency. The Department maintains open channels of communication, keeping residents informed about local developments, security measures, and potential threats.

Collaborations with local businesses, like the rapid response mentioned in a Yelp review, demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding every aspect of the community. Whether it’s assisting a shop owner or ensuring the safety of customers, every interaction is marked by professionalism and care.

The Department’s focus on recruitment and training showcases its forward-thinking approach. They not only recruit the best talent but also invest heavily in their training, ensuring that Every officer possesses the necessary skills and knowledge. to serve the community effectively.


Address: 10911 Brookshire Ave Downey CA 90241


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