What Are the Different Divisions of the El Monte Police Department?

At the helm of the El Monte Police Department is Chief Jake Fisher. A San Gabriel Valley native, Chief Fisher has dutifully served the community in various capacities, showcasing his dedication and expertise. The department is organized into numerous major groups and divisions:

  • Patrol and Investigations: Headed previously by Chief Fisher in the roles of Corporal, Sergeant, and Lieutenant, this division focuses on patrolling the streets and probing into incidents that threaten the peace of El Monte.


  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Unit: Chief Fisher’s 18 years of hands-on experience shines brightly here. This unit specializes in handling high-risk operations and includes roles like operators, snipers, and commanders.


  • Gang Unit: This unit, comprising three detectives and 12 gang specialists, plays a pivotal role in combating gang-related activities. They work proactively, especially around schools and parks, to diminish gang influences.


  • Field Services Division: As the former Captain of this division, Chief Fisher ensured that the needs of the community were met through various programs and proactive policing.

What is the History of the El Monte Police Department?

El Monte’s Police Department boasts a rich tapestry of history, marked by the dedication of its officers. One such story is that of Chief Jake Fisher, who joined the department in 1999, emulating his father, Rex Fisher, a dedicated detective for the EMPD. Over the years, the police department has seen officers serve in multifaceted roles, adapting to the changing needs of the community and the complexities of law enforcement.

How Does the El Monte Police Department Serve the Community?

The essence of the El Monte Police Department lies not just in enforcing the law but in fostering a genuine partnership with the community. This collaborative spirit is evident in how the department interfaces with the citizens of El Monte.

  • Community Engagement: The Gang Unit’s proactive approach serves as an example of the department’s commitment to involve the community in crime prevention. By working alongside community members, the department aims to curtail gang activity, especially in sensitive zones like schools and parks.
  • Education and Awareness: Knowledge is a valuable asset. The El Monte Police Department understands the importance of keeping the community informed. Their initiatives span from educating citizens on current crime prevention methods to fostering an ongoing dialogue that strengthens community ties.
  • Transparency and Accessibility: With round-the-clock service, the El Monte Police Department ensures they are always available. Whether it’s emergency services, narcotics tips, or even services as unique as tattoo removal, the department aims to be a one-stop solution for the community’s diverse needs.
  • Collaborations: The success of the El Monte Police Department can be attributed to its ability to work alongside other organizations. Collaborations with entities such as the Pasadena Humane Society showcase the department’s holistic approach to serving the community.

The El Monte Police Department stands as a testament to dedication, community service, and professionalism. With its varied units and community-first approach, it remains a cornerstone of the El Monte community.


Address: 11333 E. Valley Blvd. El Monte CA 91731


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