The Sections of the Eloy Police Department

The Eloy Police Department, serving a population of 8915, has a robust structure comprising 30 dedicated officers. The Head of the Department is a central figure, shouldering the responsibility of ensuring efficient functioning and administration. Some major units of the department include:

  • Patrol Unit: This unit is the first line of response, providing 24/7 service to the community and handling various incidents.
  • Investigation Unit: Tasked with the examination of complex and serious crimes, this unit plays an instrumental role in solving cases and providing justice.
  • Community Relations Unit: As the name suggests, this unit is committed to nurturing and enhancing relations with the community, contributing to the overall mission of the department.

History of the Eloy Police Department

The Eloy Police Department has been serving the community for many decades, with a history marked by professionalism, dedication, and a commitment to preserving law and order. Despite the challenges and changes over the years, the department has consistently stood strong, with a keen focus on its mission to improve the quality of life in Eloy, Arizona.

The department’s journey is one of progressive evolution. Rooted in a commitment to safety and security, it has grown and adapted over the years while maintaining its core values of integrity, respect, and service.

The Eloy Police Department's Role in Serving the Community

The Eloy Police Department’s function extends far beyond conventional law enforcement. Its role in serving the community manifests in its proactive approach to crime prevention, focus on community partnerships, and an ethos of service.

Partnering with local organizations, businesses, and residents, the department actively promotes crime prevention initiatives. Through community education and awareness programs, it empowers citizens to take an active role in their safety. This proactive, collaborative approach has resulted in a tangible reduction in crime rates and improved public safety.

The department also serves as an essential point of contact during emergencies, advising on safety measures and providing critical updates. As demonstrated by their regular updates on the Nextdoor platform, they promptly share traffic advisories, incident reports, and important advisories to keep the community informed.

Furthermore, the Eloy Police Department is committed to providing inclusive services, ensuring accessibility to all community members. For example, its location is wheelchair-accessible, and it offers customer parking, demonstrating the department’s focus on being an accessible and inclusive entity in the community.

The Eloy Police Department is an indispensable pillar of the Eloy, Arizona community. Combining a tradition of excellence with a forward-thinking approach to community policing, it serves as a beacon of safety and security in the region.


630 N Main St, Eloy, AZ 85131, United States