What Are the Different Divisions of the Folsom Police Department?

The Folsom Police Department is led by the City Manager and operates with an Executive Management Team to ensure its smooth operations. Various specialized units and sections work in unison to provide extensive policing services to the community. Some of the key sections include:

  • Animal Services: This unit is responsible for ensuring the well-being and safety of animals within the city. They handle cases of stray animals, animal rescues, and more.
  • Autism/Dementia Assistance: Catering to the unique needs of individuals with autism or dementia, this section collaborates with caregivers and families to provide necessary support and resources.
  • Etch and Catch: A program designed to deter theft, where valuables are marked for identification, helping in recovery and returning stolen items to their rightful owners.
  • Neighborhood Watch: A community-based initiative where citizens partner with the police department to monitor and report suspicious activities, thereby fostering safer neighborhoods.
  • Trunk-or-Treat: A community engagement initiative especially for the youth, aimed at building positive relations between the police force and the younger generation.
  • Youth Programs: These are specialized programs tailored to engage the youth, ensuring they have a positive interaction with law enforcement and understand their role in the community.

What is the History of the Folsom Police Department?

The Folsom Police Department, deeply intertwined with the city’s history, has always strived to adapt to the changing times and needs of the Folsom community. While specific historical events are significant, the essence lies in its consistent commitment to public safety, ethical practices, and community engagement. Over the years, the department has expanded its range of services, incorporated technological advancements, and embraced progressive training methods to ensure it remains at the forefront of modern-day policing.

How Does the Folsom Police Department Serve the People?

The Folsom Police Department’s service ethos is rooted in a symbiotic relationship with the community. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, the department actively engages in various outreach programs, ensuring residents are well-informed and empowered. Offering services such as free vacation checks, burglar alarm permits, and online reporting, the department makes it simple for residents to access essential services and feel secure.

With specialized services like Autism/Dementia Assistance and Neighborhood Watch, the Folsom Police Department acknowledges the varied needs of its residents, ensuring that no segment of the community feels neglected. Such initiatives reflect the department’s dedication to inclusivity and its holistic approach to public safety.

The Folsom Police Department is deeply invested in youth engagement. Through various programs, they strive to establish a positive relationship with the younger generation, ensuring they view law enforcement officers as allies and mentors.

Transparency and open communication channels stand as core principles for the department. By providing easy access to police reports, collision reports, and other essential information, the department ensures the community remains well-informed and fosters a sense of trust between the police force and the residents.

The Folsom Police Department is more than just a law enforcement entity; it’s a community partner, constantly striving to ensure a safe, inclusive, and harmonious environment for every resident of Folsom.


Address: 46 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA 95630


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