What Are the Different Units of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department?

At the helm of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department is the Office of the Chief, responsible for the overall leadership, strategic direction, and policy development. The Department is divided into several significant sections, each serving a specific role:

  • Operations Bureau: This is the primary response unit of FLPD, handling everyday policing activities and emergency incidents. It encompasses patrol services, traffic enforcement, and other related functions.
  • Investigative Bureau: This division oversees criminal investigations, special investigations, and violent crimes. Detectives here handle complex cases, from thefts and burglaries to serious violent offenses.
  • Support Services Bureau: This section provides a range of support functions, including records management, technology support, and internal services, ensuring smooth operations across the department.
  • Accreditation Internal Affairs: This unit is tasked with maintaining the department’s adherence to high standards of professional conduct, overseeing evaluations, and handling any internal investigations.
  • Legal Unit: This division provides legal advice, reviews procedures, and assists in litigation involving the department.
  • Performance Analysis: This unit focuses on assessing the department’s performance, offering insights into areas of improvement, and helping the department achieve its strategic objectives.

What is the History of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department?

Established in 1911, the FLPD has a rich history spanning over a century. From humble beginnings, the department has grown into a full-fledged police service, reflecting the evolving nature of Fort Lauderdale itself. The Department’s history is woven into the city’s fabric, illustrated by its comprehensive photo album and the tributes paid to fallen officers. Their journey embodies the commitment to public safety, resilience, and adaptation to change.

How Does the Fort Lauderdale Police Department Serve the Community?

The FLPD plays a pivotal role in the City of Fort Lauderdale, serving as a linchpin in ensuring public safety and community well-being. The Department works in close partnership with the community, fostering a cooperative relationship that enhances public safety and builds a foundation of trust.

The Department’s commitment to community policing is evident in its strategic approach. By fostering open lines of communication with the community and adopting collaborative problem-solving methods, the FLPD helps create a safer and more secure environment. This collaboration extends beyond residents to include local businesses and other stakeholders, establishing a cohesive network of support.

The Department’s commitment to transparency and accountability is underscored by its adherence to Florida’s Government-in-the-Sunshine law. By making email addresses publicly accessible and providing clear channels for communication, the FLPD enhances its bond with the community, fostering trust and mutual respect. This dedication to service, transparency, and collaboration is a testament to the Department’s role as a guardian of public safety in the City of Fort Lauderdale.

Address: 1300 W. Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312.


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