What Are the Different Units of the Fort Worth Police Department?

Heading the Fort Worth Police Department is the seasoned and steadfast Chief of Police, Neil Noakes, who boasts over two decades of experience in the department. Under his leadership, the FWPD is segmented into several specialist divisions, each tasked with specific responsibilities:

  • Investigation Unit: This section is responsible for conducting thorough inquiries into reported crimes, gathering evidence, and working closely with the legal system to ensure justice is served.
  • K-9 Unit: This division utilizes the unique abilities of trained police dogs to assist in various operations, including tracking criminals, detecting narcotics, and performing search and rescue missions.
  • Bicycle Patrol: Often assigned to patrol specific areas, this unit is characterized by its mobility and community closeness. Officers on bicycles can reach areas that are difficult for patrol cars while maintaining a friendly and approachable presence.
  • SWAT: The Special Weapons and Tactics unit is called in for high-risk operations requiring specialized skills and equipment. This includes situations like hostage crises, armed confrontations, and high-risk warrants.

History of the Fort Worth Police Department

The Fort Worth Police Department was established in 1873, becoming one of the earliest police departments in Texas. It has changed over time in response to the changing needs of the community it serves. The FWPD has always been at the forefront of law enforcement evolution, from horseback patrols in its early days to the use of modern technology and innovative practices.

Fast forward to the current day, and the FWPD has appointed Neil Noakes as its 27th Chief of Police. A career officer with the department, Chief Noakes’ appointment underscores the FWPD’s commitment to experience, community understanding, and humble leadership.

How the Fort Worth Police Department Serves the Area

The Fort Worth Police Department is deeply integrated into the community it serves. Central to this is a focus on communication and collaboration. By building bridges of understanding and trust, the FWPD works to create a safer environment for all Fort Worth citizens.

A shining example of this ethos is Chief Noakes’ commitment to tackling gun violence through community engagement. In light of recent shootings, he has urged community members to come forward with any information and has worked tirelessly to ensure the city’s safety.

Furthermore, in response to the police officer shortage caused by the post-COVID labor shortage, Chief Noakes is leading efforts to work with other North Texas police departments. His objective is to bring about positive reform and address staffing issues, exemplifying the FWPD’s dedication to overcoming challenges and continually enhancing its service to the community.

The Fort Worth Police Department, through its resolute commitment to justice and community engagement, continues to serve as a cornerstone of security and trust within the city of Fort Worth.

Address: 505 W. Felix St., Fort Worth, TX


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