What Are the Different Sections of the Gardena Police Department?

The Gardena Police Department is spearheaded by its stalwart leader, Chief of Police Michael Saffell, a seasoned veteran with three decades of dedicated service to GPD. Under his command, the department boasts several specialized units and sections that play unique roles in ensuring the safety and orderliness of Gardena:

  • Patrol: The frontlines of the department, these officers are the first responders to incidents, ensuring immediate action during emergencies.


  • Traffic and Motors: This unit regulates and enforces traffic laws, ensuring the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians.


  • Detectives: Tasked with solving more complex crimes, the detectives delve deep into investigations, gathering evidence and ensuring justice.


  • Narco/Vice/Intelligence: This unit confronts drug-related crimes and other vice activities, using intelligence-based strategies to curtail criminal networks.


  • Canine Unit: With their four-legged partners, officers in this unit perform specialized tasks like search and rescue, drug detection, and suspect apprehension.
  • Tactical Team: Trained for high-risk operations, this team handles situations like hostage scenarios, terrorist threats, and other high-stakes incidents.
  • Special Tasks Response Team: Lead by Sgt. Octavio Saldana, this team is geared to handle special assignments and scenarios not covered by regular units.

What is the History of the Gardena Police Department?

The roots of the Gardena Police Department trace back to September 1930, when George B. Norman was appointed as the city’s first Chief of Police. At that time, Gardena was a burgeoning town with a population of approximately 3,000. From these humble beginnings, the department has grown exponentially. Now authorized with a personnel force of 145 employees, the GPD stands as a testament to years of resilience, adaptability, and dedication to service.

How Does the Gardena Police Department Serve the Area?

The Gardena PD’s approach to law enforcement is steeped in community involvement and innovative strategies. One of its notable initiatives is the Gardena Crime Accountability and Reduction Strategy (GCARS). Developed in 2006, GCARS focuses on both the prevention and meticulous investigation of criminal activities. This strategy underscores the department’s forward-thinking approach, always looking for new and effective ways to serve its community.

The GPD’s award-winning District Policing Program, which started in 2007, further cements its commitment to the city. By having District Commanders like Chief Saffell, who was among the program’s pioneers, the department ensures that each district within Gardena receives specialized attention tailored to its unique needs.

The GPD is not just about enforcing the law; it’s about building bridges with the community. Their strong presence, highlighted by several positive reviews, reflects their unwavering dedication to the residents of Gardena. They have been commended for their professionalism, their service ethos, and, most importantly, their community involvement.

The department offers a plethora of services around the clock. With operations running 24 hours a day, every day, the residents of Gardena can rest easy knowing that their guardians are always on duty, ready to serve, protect, and collaborate.

Address: 1718 W 162Nd St, Gardena, CA 90247


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