What Are the Different Divisions of the Gilroy Police Department?

At the head of the Gilroy Police Department is the Chief of Police, leading a force that is broadly divided into several key units. These units work cohesively to uphold the law and ensure the safety of the community:

  • Patrol Unit: This unit is the frontline of the police force, actively patrolling the streets, responding to emergencies, and maintaining an omnipresent security force.
  • Investigations Unit: Dedicated detectives dig deep into unresolved cases, gathering evidence and ensuring that justice is meted out to those who breach the law.


  • Traffic Enforcement: This unit manages road safety, ensures the orderly flow of traffic, and addresses accidents and road-related incidents.


  • Community Engagement and Outreach: Liaising with the community, organizing safety drives, and building rapport with citizens fall under this unit’s jurisdiction.
  • Emergency Response Unit: Prepared to adapt to situations that are of high intensity, this unit deals with crises that require swift and strategic action.

What is the History of the Gilroy Police Department?

The Gilroy Police Department’s roots can be traced back to the city’s earliest days, evolving alongside the community it serves. Over the decades, it has faced numerous challenges, from handling routine city misdemeanors to responding to significant incidents, like the unfortunate Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting in 2019. Despite these challenges, the department has continually adapted and modernized, always placing the safety and well-being of Gilroy’s residents at the forefront of its operations.

How Does the Gilroy Police Department Serve the Area?

A significant facet of the Gilroy Police Department’s operation lies in its commitment to community partnership. They understand the vital role of collaboration and the need to cultivate trust among the residents. As such, they actively engage with the community through various outreach programs, fostering a bond of mutual respect and understanding.

The department doesn’t just respond to distress calls but also takes proactive measures to address crime preemptively. They do so through directed patrol missions aimed at crime prevention, ensuring that both the life and property of Gilroy’s citizens are protected.

The police force is not just about enforcing the law but also about showing compassion and empathy. They pride themselves on making decisions that consider the well-being of everyone involved. This humane approach, combined with their unwavering integrity, has cemented their reputation in the hearts of Gilroy’s people.

Innovation plays a crucial role in their operations. The Gilroy Police Department is solution-oriented, willing to embrace change, adopt new technologies, and find creative ways to address challenges. This progressive mindset ensures that they remain effective in a rapidly evolving world and continue to serve the community to the best of their abilities.

Address: 7301 Hanna Street, Gilroy, CA 95020


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