Sections of the Globe Police Department

At the helm of the Globe Police Department is Chief of Police Dale A. Walters, an experienced leader directing the organization’s course. The department comprises various units, each catering to distinct aspects of law enforcement:

  • Patrol Unit: This unit is typically the first line of defense, with officers responding to calls and ensuring public safety.
  • Criminal Investigation Division: Charged with the investigation of criminal activity within Globe, this unit unravels the complexities of various cases to ensure justice is served.
  • Community Relations Unit: This unit maintains open lines of communication with the community, fostering a strong relationship between the department and the residents.
  • Administrative Services: The backbone of the department, this unit ensures all administrative aspects of the department are efficiently managed.

History of the Globe Police Department

The Globe Police Department is deeply entrenched in the town’s history, which traces back to its foundation in 1875 as a mining town. Nestled at an elevation of 1,069 meters on North Pine Street, near the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church and Globe Cemetery, the department has been a constant, providing law enforcement services to the evolving community. Over the years, the Globe Police Department has seamlessly intertwined with the town’s growth, adapting to changes while retaining its core duty of maintaining public safety.

How the Globe Police Department Serves the Area

The Globe Police Department’s commitment extends beyond traditional policing, reflected in its robust interaction with the community. The department diligently works to foster strong, positive relations with the citizens, leading to a partnership that enables effective law enforcement. They aim to instill a sense of security among the residents, enabling them to lead their lives without fear.

By maintaining an open dialogue with the community, they ensure that their approach is aligned with the needs and expectations of the residents. Community outreach programs, public awareness campaigns, and regular engagement sessions are some of the initiatives undertaken by the Globe Police Department to foster trust and mutual respect with the community they serve.

The Globe Police Department, with its dedicated workforce and community-centered approach, plays a vital role in maintaining the harmony and safety of Globe, Arizona. The department stands as a beacon of security, proving that no town is too small for dedicated and professional law enforcement.

Address: 175 N Pine St, Globe, AZ 85501, United States

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