What Are the Different Divisions of the Hawthorne Beach Police Department?

The Hawthorne Police Department, under the leadership of its dedicated chiefs and commanders, houses several specialized units and sections, each playing a pivotal role in maintaining law and order. Here are some of the major sections and their respective functions:

  • Community Policing Unit: At the heart of HPD’s operations, this unit focuses on building trust and mutual respect between officers and community members. They regularly invent and implement programs aiming to enhance Hawthorne’s safety and foster community relationships.
  • Media and Public Relations: Responsible for ensuring transparent communication with the public, this section routinely shares department achievements, personal blogs, stories about everyday life at HPD, and updates about community programs.
  • Cyber Crime Division: This team specializes in addressing modern-day cyber threats and crimes. With updates such as the recent alert on a scam called “smishing,” they ensure the digital safety of the Hawthorne community.
  • Training and Leadership Development: Committed to the continuous growth of its personnel, this section ensures that all officers and staff receive the highest quality of training, reinforcing the best of policing practices and ethics.

What is the History of the Hawthorne Beach Police Department?

The Hawthorne Police Department’s legacy dates back to the formative years of Hawthorne City itself. From its humble beginnings, the department has grown exponentially, adapting to the changing times and evolving societal needs. Over the decades, HPD has faced numerous challenges, but its dedication to the community has remained unwavering. Receiving national recognition for its unique community policing initiatives, the department has set a benchmark for how modern police departments should function, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and trust-building.

How Does the Hawthorne Beach Police Department Serve the Area?

One of HPD’s hallmarks is its commitment to nurturing public trust. Recognizing the importance of community collaboration, the department has consistently focused on transparent communication. Through platforms like NextDoor, Instagram, and Snapchat, HPD keeps the community updated, offering insights into the day-to-day life of officers, their contributions, and various safety tips.

HPD doesn’t just believe in reactive policing but in proactive community engagement. This is evident from its regularly organized workshops, like the one scheduled on May 23rd, aiming to educate and inform the public, thus strengthening the bond between the officers and Hawthorne residents.

The “Cyber Crime Tip of the Day” is another brilliant example of HPD’s commitment to the well-being of its residents. By alerting the public about potential cyber threats and scams, they ensure that the community remains well-informed and vigilant in the digital sphere.

The department’s dedication to excellence is further highlighted by its accreditation from reputable institutions, underscoring its adherence to top-notch policing standards and ethics. In essence, the Hawthorne Police Department, with its blend of traditional policing and modern community engagement practices, serves as a beacon of trust, security, and collaboration for the entire Hawthorne area.


Address: 445 Lafayette Ave, Hawthorne, NJ 07506, United States


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