Sections of the Holbrook Police Department

The Holbrook Police Department is led by its Chief and is comprised of various specialized sections and units, each playing a crucial role in maintaining law and order in the community. Let’s take a closer look at these sections and their functions:

  • Chief’s Office: The Chief of Police is responsible for overseeing the entire department and setting the strategic direction for its operations. They work closely with other law enforcement agencies and community leaders to address public safety concerns effectively.
  • Patrol Division: The Patrol Division forms the backbone of the police department. Officers in this Unit are the first responders to emergency calls, conducting routine patrols and providing a visible presence to deter crime. They also handle traffic enforcement, ensuring road safety for all.
  • Criminal Investigations: This Unit is in charge of investigating and solving crimes committed within the jurisdiction of the department. Detectives in this division work diligently to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and apprehend suspects to ensure justice is served.
  • Community Policing: This section focuses on building strong relationships between the police department and the community. Officers engage in community outreach programs, neighborhood watch initiatives, and collaborative efforts to address local issues and concerns.

History of the Holbrook Police Department

The roots of the Holbrook Police Department date back to the establishment of the town in 1881. However, the department itself was officially formed in 1939, with Chief Lafe Hatch leading the way alongside officers Walter Martin and Tony Ortega. Since its inception, the department has evolved to adapt to the changing needs and challenges of the community it serves.

How the Holbrook Police Department Serves the Area

The Holbrook Police Department is deeply committed to serving and collaborating with the community to ensure that all residents live in a safe and secure environment. Here are some ways the department achieves this:

  • Community Engagement: The department actively engages with residents, businesses, and community organizations to understand their concerns and needs. By fostering open communication, they can address issues effectively and build trust within the community.
  • Crime Prevention and Education: The police department conducts various crime prevention programs and educational initiatives to empower the community with knowledge and strategies to safeguard themselves and their property.
  • Emergency Response: The Holbrook Police Department operates a 24/7 emergency response system. In times of crisis or when immediate assistance is required, residents can rely on the prompt and professional services of the department.

The Holbrook Police Department is an essential pillar of the community in Holbrook, AZ. With its dedicated officers and specialized units, the department ensures public safety and upholds the values of integrity and accountability. Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, the Holbrook Police Department continues to serve as a trusted guardian of the community it proudly protects.


120 E Buffalo, Holbrook, Arizona, 86025-2606.