What Are the Different Units of the Hollywood Police Department?

At the helm of the Hollywood Police Department is the Office of the Chief. This office is responsible for overseeing all operations of the department, making key decisions, and ensuring the department’s services align with the community’s needs.

Major units of the Hollywood Police Department include:

  • Community Programs: This division is tasked with fostering strong ties between the police and the community. They spearhead various community engagement activities and initiatives to increase public trust and cooperation.
  • Domestic Violence Unit: This unit is specifically dedicated to handling cases of domestic violence, offering protection and justice to victims while aiming to prevent future occurrences.
  • Media Relations: The Media Relations unit communicates vital information about the department’s activities to the public and handles the police department’s interactions with the press.
  • LGBTQ+ Council Partnership: Demonstrating the department’s commitment to inclusivity and equality, this partnership focuses on fostering strong relationships with the LGBTQ+ community, ensuring their rights and concerns are fully respected and addressed.

The Hollywood Police Department has a rich history that reflects its enduring dedication to the Hollywood community. One significant achievement worth mentioning is that the City of Hollywood scored a perfect 100, plus nine additional flex points on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2022 Municipal Equality Index. This score signifies the city’s commitment to implementing programs and policies that include and respect the LGBTQ+ community, reflecting the Hollywood Police Department’s role in fostering an inclusive community.

How Does the Hollywood Police Department Serve the Community?

The Hollywood Police Department serves the community in several significant ways. The department provides essential public safety services, addressing crime and ensuring the rule of law prevails. In recent news, the department responded to a shooting along Florida’s Hollywood Beach, swiftly arresting five suspects and demonstrating its dedication to protecting the public.

In addition to addressing crime, the department also fosters open communication with residents. They actively disseminate messages about upcoming events, safety alerts, and crime trends. This communication initiative enhances the department’s transparency and maintains an informed public, which ultimately boosts the community’s trust in the police force.

The Hollywood Police Department takes the idea of community policing to heart, creating partnerships with various community groups. For instance, it has a dedicated partnership with the LGBTQ+ council, demonstrating its commitment to creating an inclusive society where everyone’s rights are respected and protected.

The Hollywood Police Department plays an integral role in the Hollywood community, ensuring safety, fostering inclusivity, and maintaining strong community relationships. The department’s dedication to service, combined with its commitment to public safety and community engagement, makes it a key pillar in the Hollywood, Florida, community.

Address: 3250 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, FL 33021.


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