Sections of the Houston Police Department

The HPD consists of several divisions, each tasked with unique roles to ensure the smooth functioning of the department:

  • Patrol Division: The Patrol Division is the city’s first line of defense against crime and disorder, responsible for maintaining neighborhood peace, responding to emergencies, and providing immediate solutions to problems that arise on Houston’s streets.
  • Investigative Division: This division takes over when incidents require deeper scrutiny. The investigative officers are responsible for the follow-up of cases, gathering additional evidence, interrogating suspects, and ensuring justice by solving crimes.
  • Administrative Division: The Administrative Division ensures smooth internal operations of the department. They handle the paperwork, maintain records, manage personnel and recruitment, and handle any lost and found items reported to the department.
  • Traffic Enforcement Division: This specialized division is committed to maintaining traffic discipline in the city, enforcing traffic regulations, managing the flow of traffic, and preventing and investigating road accidents.a

History of the Houston Police Department

The HPD has an illustrious history dating back to 1841, reflecting the city’s growth and its changing law enforcement needs. Established to combat the rising wave of crime in the rapidly growing city, the HPD has since become an integral part of Houston’s urban fabric.

The department’s history is marked by significant events, including a fatal riot that occurred during World War I. The riot, sparked by racial tensions between black and white soldiers, necessitated the intervention of federal troops and the declaration of martial law to restore peace in the city.

How the Houston Police Department Serves the Area

The HPD extends its services beyond just law enforcement. It engages with the community on many fronts, promoting crime prevention, educating the public about safety measures, and establishing a sense of shared responsibility among citizens for maintaining law and order.

Additionally, the HPD’s jurisdiction overlaps with several other law enforcement agencies, such as the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. This cooperative relationship enables these entities to more effectively combat crime and maintain public safety across the city.

With Houston ranking 68th in U.S. crime rates, the HPD is continually adapting to the city’s changing needs. By fostering strong community relations and pursuing proactive measures, the Houston Police Department is committed to reducing crime and ensuring that Houston continues to be a safe and secure place to live and work.

Address: 1200 Travis, Houston, Texas 77002.


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