What Are the Different Sections of the Huntsville Police Department?

At the head of the Huntsville Police Department is the esteemed Police Chief, whose leadership drives the force to serve and protect with integrity. The various units within the department each have specialized roles:

  • Major Crimes Unit: This division is responsible for investigating severe crimes, including homicides, as was seen with the recent case involving Jamarious Beatty, who was charged with capital murder.
  • Traffic Services Unit: This section ensures that traffic regulations are obeyed and roads are safe for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. They work tirelessly to enforce speed limits, monitor school zones, and manage traffic during peak times.
  • Public Safety Aides: Comprising more than 70 individuals, these aides help in ensuring that students safely commute to and from schools. Their efforts are especially amplified during the start of a new school year, where they assist in managing intersections and crosswalks and ensuring children adhere to safety protocols.
  • North Alabama Drug Task Force: Collaborating with other agencies, this unit focuses on curbing drug-related offenses in the area, ensuring Huntsville remains free from the menace of narcotics.

What is the History of the Huntsville Police Department?

The Huntsville Police Department has a rich history of serving its community. It has faced numerous challenges over the years and has consistently evolved to satisfy the growing population’s needs and the changing dynamics of crime. The dedication of its officers is evident not just in their day-to-day activities but also during times of crisis. The recent tragic incident where two officers were critically injured in a shooting highlights the perils they face and the sacrifices they make. Officer Garrett Crumby, who died in the line of duty, will be remembered as a hero, demonstrating the department’s unwavering commitment to community safety.

How Does the Huntsville Police Department Serve the People?

The Huntsville Police Department’s relationship with its community is anchored on mutual respect and collaboration. They believe in proactive community policing, which involves engaging with residents, understanding their concerns, and working together to address issues before they escalate.

In their efforts to maintain safety, the department regularly conducts campaigns, urging citizens to exercise caution in various situations. An example is the recent emphasis on school zone safety, advising parents and guardians on the importance of teaching children road safety and urging motorists to drive with care, especially around intersections and crosswalks.

The department’s dedication to the Huntsville community extends beyond crime prevention. They actively engage in programs aimed at enhancing community welfare. For instance, in times of extreme weather conditions, the department collaborates with other local agencies to issue advisories ensuring the well-being of every resident.

The Huntsville Police Department, through its various units and community-centered approach, remains a pillar of safety, trust, and collaboration in the Huntsville area, always ready to serve and protect.


Address: 815 Wheeler Ave, Huntsville, Alabama 35801.


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