What Are the Different Units of the Idaho State Police?

ISP boasts a well-structured organization featuring several specialty areas. At the helm of these operations, guiding and supervising activities is the Police Sergeant.

Major sections within the Idaho State Police Department include:

  •  Patrol Division: This unit is responsible for maintaining peace and order, enforcing laws, assisting in emergencies, and executing routine patrols across Idaho.
  •  Investigation Division: This team specializes in conducting thorough investigations into criminal activities, assisting in the resolution of crimes, and the prosecution of perpetrators.
  •  Traffic Control Unit: Focusing on road safety, this unit manages traffic, handles highway emergencies, and deters reckless behavior like drunk driving through programs like REDDI.
  • Detention Officers: As part of the Law Enforcement Program, detention officers supervise inmates, conduct searches, address complaints, and ensure the smooth operation of correctional facilities.

What is the History of the Idaho State Police?

The roots of the Idaho State Police trace back to before Idaho was even a state. Officially established in 1939, ISP has built a rich history over the decades. Its steadfast dedication to the protection and service of Idaho’s citizens has remained a constant thread throughout the years, anchoring the agency amidst evolving societal changes.

With a strong commitment to public order and decorum, ISP has played an integral role in ensuring peaceful participatory processes at the Idaho State Capitol. By reminding individuals of the importance of respect during legislative events, the agency has continuously emphasized the principles of democracy and civil discourse.

How Does the Idaho State Police Serve the Area?

The Idaho State Police act as a vital link between law enforcement and the community, cultivating a holistic relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Through a range of services that cater to the diverse needs of the community, ISP works tirelessly to ensure Idahoans’ safety and well-being.

An example of this dedication is ISP’s REDDI program. Initiated in 1982, the program encourages citizens to be active participants in maintaining road safety by reporting suspected drunk drivers. The program, which employs a toll-free hotline and routes calls to the nearest ISP Regional Dispatch Center, symbolizes the symbiotic relationship between ISP and the community in promoting public safety.

The ISP proactively engages with the community through its work at the Idaho State Capitol. The agency ensures that citizens can participate safely and respectfully in the legislative process, further bolstering the democratic principles that the state holds dear.

The Idaho State Police remains deeply rooted in the heart of the Idaho community. By protecting life, preserving peace, preventing crime, and fostering strong relationships with citizens, ISP continues to embody its commitment to serving Idaho, ensuring public order, and upholding the values of democracy.

Address: Meridian, Idaho, United States.


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