Sections of the Illinois State Police Department

The Illinois State Police Department is led by Director Brendan F. Kelly. The agency’s structure includes several divisions, each having unique responsibilities:

  • Troops: The agency is divided into 11 troops, with each being responsible for specific regions of the state. Troop 15, for instance, oversees safety and education along the 294 miles of tollways in Northern Illinois.
  • Criminal Investigation: This division is involved in the investigation of serious crimes and offenses, employing forensic analysis and detective work to bring criminals to justice.
  • Patrol: This section is primarily responsible for maintaining order and security in public spaces. The patrol division also assists in emergencies and works to prevent criminal activity.
  • Special Operations: This division handles sensitive, high-risk operations that demand specialized training and equipment.
  • Communications: The communication division ensures a smooth flow of information within the department and with the public, playing a crucial role in coordinating responses to emergencies and public safety issues.

History of the Illinois State Police Department

The Illinois State Police was formally established on April 1, 1922. Over the past century, it has grown from a modest force into a large agency with approximately 2,702 employees, comprising 1,803 troopers and 899 civilian members.

The agency’s evolution has seen advancements in its capacity and capabilities, adopting the use of a variety of patrol cars such as the Ford Explorer, Expedition, Taurus, Chevy Caprice, Dodge Chargers, and Harley Davidson motorcycles, ensuring its law enforcement officers are equipped with reliable vehicles to handle their challenging duties.

How the Illinois State Police Department Serves the Area

The Illinois State Police plays an essential role in the communities it serves. Aside from enforcing laws and maintaining order, the department prioritizes community relations and fostering a sense of mutual respect and understanding.

To this end, the department often collaborates with local organizations, like the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center, to help combat crime and enhance community safety. These partnerships amplify the department’s impact by combining resources and sharing information to identify and address potential threats effectively.

The Illinois State Police is also steadfast in addressing its citizens’ needs and concerns. This commitment is evident in initiatives such as the recent decision to relocate its District 11 headquarters from Collinsville to East St. Louis to address overcrowding and accommodate growing activities. This investment in public safety underscores the agency’s determination to serve its community better and provide a safe environment for all.

The Illinois State Police Department’s service is defined by its commitment to upholding the law with integrity, service, and pride, demonstrating a constant striving towards improving public safety, promoting partnerships, and enhancing the quality of life in Illinois.

The Illinois State Police headquarters is located at 801 South Seventh Street, Springfield, Illinois.


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