What Are the Different Divisions of the Irvine Police Department?

The Irvine Police Department, under the leadership of its current Chief of Police, consists of various divisions, each with distinct functions:

  • Traffic Division: Tasked with maintaining road safety and reducing traffic-related incidents. As recently highlighted by a fatal motorcycle collision, the division is continually working to ensure the city’s roads are as safe as possible.
  • Investigative Services: This unit focuses on solving criminal cases within the jurisdiction, such as the recent incident at Irvine Spectrum Center, where teens were held at gunpoint.
  • Community Engagement Unit: This unit actively works to strengthen relationships between the residents and police by organizing various outreach programs and safety awareness initiatives.
  • UC Irvine Police Department: Although a separate entity, the UC Irvine Police Department is instrumental in ensuring the safety and security of the university campus. The department also pioneers initiatives like the 30×30 Pledge, aiming to enhance women’s representation in law enforcement.

What is the History of the Irvine Police Department?

The Irvine Police Department was established alongside the city itself, growing and evolving to meet the city’s changing needs. Over the years, the department has expanded its services, incorporating various specialized divisions to provide comprehensive public safety solutions.

More recently, the department has focused on initiatives to increase diversity within its ranks, reflecting the diverse community it serves. As part of this commitment, the department has shown a substantial increase in the representation of women, with UC Irvine Police Department’s Chief Liz Griffin leading the way.

How Does the Irvine Police Department Serve the People?

The Irvine Police Department plays a critical role in maintaining the city’s high safety standards. It achieves this by employing proactive measures and utilizing advanced technologies to prevent crime and enhance the quality of life for all residents.

The department’s focus on community engagement is exemplary. The community engagement unit regularly conducts outreach programs, aiming to foster trust and build strong relationships with Irvine’s diverse communities. The IPD also collaborates closely with other local agencies, like the UC Irvine Police Department, for a more unified law enforcement approach.

In its relentless pursuit of justice, the department responds effectively to crime incidents. Its investigative services unit diligently works on every case, ensuring perpetrators are brought to justice, and the safety of Irvine’s residents is upheld. This commitment is seen in the department’s response to serious crimes, such as the recent armed incident at the Irvine Spectrum Center.

The Irvine Police Department continues to stand as a beacon of safety and community engagement, offering a progressive and dedicated law enforcement service to the people of Irvine, California. Its commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and community collaboration, as well as its unwavering focus on public safety, all contribute to the department’s pivotal role within the city.


Address: 1 Civic Center Plaza Irvine, CA 92606


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