Sections of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office operates under the strong leadership of Sheriff T.K. Waters. This expansive law enforcement agency comprises several vital sections, each playing a distinct role in fulfilling the organization’s mission.

  • Police Officers: This largest unit includes 2,082 officers who carry out law enforcement tasks. To ensure the safety of the community, they patrol neighborhoods, respond to emergency calls, and enforce local and state laws.
  • Corrections Officers: With 950 dedicated officers, this unit oversees corrections in Jacksonville and Duval County. They are responsible for maintaining security in the county’s correctional facilities, handling inmates, and ensuring all operations adhere to regulations.
  • Civilian Staff: Comprising 800 members, this section supports various administrative, technical, and operational functions across the agency. Their roles may vary from data management to community relations, playing a crucial part in keeping the JSO functioning smoothly.

History of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has a long and rich history dating back to its formation in 1968. This consolidation marked a significant milestone, merging the Jacksonville Police Department and Duval County Sheriff’s Office into a single entity to streamline operations and ensure a cohesive approach to law enforcement across the county and city. It’s interesting to note that the origins of law enforcement in Jacksonville date as far back as 1822, with the Jacksonville Police Department providing the foundation for today’s JSO.

How Does the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Serve the Community?

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is deeply intertwined with the community it serves, taking a collaborative approach to upholding law and order. Its jurisdiction extends to the consolidated city of Jacksonville and Duval County, involving not just law enforcement but a strong commitment to community safety and harmony.

The JSO focuses on preventive measures to keep crime rates low. Community involvement initiatives, public education programs, and open dialogues with citizens form the cornerstone of this approach. By fostering strong relationships with community members, the JSO enables a two-way communication channel, which proves vital in gathering information and addressing community concerns swiftly.

The Sheriff’s Office works closely with other local police departments in incorporated cities within Duval County. This collaboration extends the reach of JSO’s efforts and helps maintain a consistent and effective law enforcement presence throughout the county. It facilitates resource sharing, joint operations, and collective strategic planning, all aimed at creating a safer living environment.

The JSO’s commitment to safeguarding personal liberties while maintaining peace underscores their work. Balancing law enforcement duties with respect to individual rights, the Sheriff’s Office exemplifies the role of modern policing in preserving the delicate equilibrium between safety and freedom.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office remains steadfast in its mission to protect and serve, striving to keep Jacksonville and Duval County a safe, welcoming place to live, work, and visit.

Address: 501 E. Bay Street, Jacksonville, Florida.


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