What Are the Different Units of the Kansas Highway Patrol?

At the helm of the Kansas Highway Patrol is the Superintendent, Colonel Herman T. Jones. Under his leadership, the KHP is segmented into different units, each with specialized roles and responsibilities. These include:

  • Traffic Enforcement: This unit is tasked with maintaining road safety by monitoring and controlling the flow of traffic. Their duties include dealing with impaired drivers, responding to crashes, and handling road rage incidents.
  • Roadside Assistance: Officers in this unit provide immediate aid to stranded vehicles, clear road debris, and address other traffic-related emergencies to ensure the smooth flow of traffic on Kansas highways.
  • Investigative Services: This unit carries out detailed examinations of vehicle crashes and related incidents. They compile crash logs which are available to the public for retrieval.
  • Civilian Members: Comprising 274 members, this section provides vital support services, assisting in administrative duties and ensuring smooth operations within the agency.

What Is the History of the Kansas Highway Patrol?

The Kansas Highway Patrol was officially formed in 1937 under the governance of the Kansas Government. Over its many decades of existence, the agency has evolved to meet the changing needs of the state’s population, increasing in size and complexity.

Today, the agency boasts 468 sworn members, who each pledge their commitment to serving the community and ensuring the safety of all who live in or visit the state. It’s a highly respected agency that has earned the prestigious CALEA Law Enforcement Accreditation, further establishing its role as a crucial contributor to the state’s public safety.

How Does the Kansas Highway Patrol Serve the Community?

The Kansas Highway Patrol serves the area through a diverse range of actions aimed at community safety and welfare. They have proven their dedication to the people of Kansas by responding promptly to traffic-related emergencies, offering roadside assistance to stranded vehicles, and actively engaging in enforcement activities to maintain a secure and safe road network.

One key function of the Kansas Highway Patrol is the provision of timely, accurate crash logs online. This service allows the public to access crash information for up to 30 days from the event, providing transparency and valuable information to the community.

The Kansas Highway Patrol plays a crucial role in community outreach. The agency’s website not only provides crucial information and services but also serves as a platform to highlight the excellent work of the officers through spotlight interviews. This fosters a closer relationship between the agency and the public, demonstrating that KHP is not just an enforcing agency but a dedicated community partner.

The Kansas Highway Patrol, through its actions and dedication to service, continues to uphold its promise of preserving peace, enforcing the law, and providing quality service to the people of Kansas. With an unwavering commitment to duty and a strong bond with the community they serve, the Kansas Highway Patrol remains a cornerstone of public safety in the state of Kansas.

Address: 122 SW 7th Street, Topeka, KS 66603, USA.


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