What are the Sections of the Kentucky State Police?

The command of KSP rests in the capable hands of a commissioner. The first commissioner to serve was Guthrie F. Crowe. Some key units that exist within the KSP include:

  • Patrol Unit: This unit is generally responsible for maintaining peace, order, and safety on state highways and in local communities across Kentucky.
  • Criminal Investigations Division: Likely to handle complex and serious crimes, this unit would be tasked with investigating felonies such as homicides, burglaries, and white-collar crimes.
  • Special Operations: This unit would handle emergency and high-risk situations, including bomb threats, hostage situations, and dignitary protection.
  • Forensic Sciences: A crucial support unit providing scientific and technical services such as crime scene analysis and laboratory testing.
  • Traffic Safety Unit: Dedicated to promoting and enforcing traffic safety laws to reduce road accidents and fatalities.
  • Community Relations Unit: This unit fosters relationships with the local community, schools, and businesses to promote public safety awareness and partnerships.

What is the History of the Kentucky State Police?

The history of the Kentucky State Police dates back to 1948, when the State Police Act was signed into law by Governor Earle C. Clements. This move aimed at establishing a state-wide police force to replace the then-existing Kentucky Highway Patrol. The KSP was founded on the model of the Pennsylvania State Police, signifying a shift towards a more centralized and comprehensive approach to law enforcement in the state of Kentucky.

How Does the Kentucky State Police Serve the Community?

The KSP’s service to the area it covers extends beyond the traditional role of law enforcement. Its 24/7 operational posts, like the ones in Elizabethtown and North Hickory, KY, exemplify the unwavering commitment to public safety and order. The KSP serves local communities, including the nearby hamlets of West Viola and Folsomdale in Graves County, ensuring peace and stability even in the most rural areas.

The KSP, through likely community outreach programs, would also aim to build a harmonious and cooperative relationship with the people they serve. By maintaining an open dialogue with the community, they can better understand the residents’ needs and concerns, fostering mutual trust and cooperation.

The KSP’s involvement extends into preserving historical significance. The community of Folsomdale, for instance, has a post office named after President Cleveland’s bride, Frances Folsom. By serving such communities, KSP inadvertently becomes a guardian of the state’s rich heritage, underscoring its role not just as law enforcers but as an integral part of the community.

Address: 919 Versailles Road, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601.


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