What Are the Different Units of the Fresno County Sheriff's Office?

  • Sheriff John Zanoni: At the helm of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office is Sheriff John Zanoni. Under his guidance, the office is divided into several significant sections, each crucial in maintaining law and order in the county.
  • Crime Reporting: Allows citizens to file crime reports online, providing a digital avenue for quicker response and action.
  • Crime Analysis: Focused on studying crime trends and statistics to develop proactive strategies against crime.
  • Inmate Location: Assists in locating jail inmates, ensuring transparency and communication with concerned parties.
  • Public Relations and Communications: Engages with the public, providing news, updates, and essential information about the office’s activities.
  • Emergency Response: Handles situations that require immediate action, such as burglaries or other incidents that pose immediate threats.

What is the History of the Fresno County Sheriff's Office?

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, with its establishment dating back to 1856, has a rich history spanning over a century and a half. Over the years, it has seen the region transform from open farmlands to bustling urban zones and has adjusted its operations accordingly. With a proud tradition of offering professional law enforcement services, the agency has grown to employ approximately 1,300 dedicated individuals, each committed to serving the Fresno County community with integrity and professionalism.

How Does the Fresno County Sheriff's Office Serve the Area?

The symbiotic relationship between the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office and the community it serves is evident in its myriad of services and initiatives. Collaborative efforts, such as the TRUTH Act forum, showcase the office’s commitment to transparency, as seen when they presented statistics on their collaboration with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to the public.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office is committed to the safety and well-being of the county’s infrastructure. For instance, the recent winter storms left many parks in disarray. With the county’s Department of Public Works and Planning, the Sheriff’s Office is actively involved in clearing debris and conducting cleanups, ensuring these public spaces are safe for residents.

With modern challenges arising, the Sheriff’s Office stays connected through various digital platforms, ensuring timely communication with the public. From burglary alerts to updates on park reopenings, they maintain a two-way conversation with the community.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office stands not as an isolated entity but as an integral part of the community. Their dedication, collaborative efforts, and commitment to serve illustrate a strong bond with the society they vow to protect and serve.


Address: 1225 M Street. Fresno, CA 93721.