What Are the Different Divisions of the La Habra Police Department?

At the head of the La Habra Police Department is the Chief of Police, currently led by Adam Foster. Under his watchful gaze, the department operates efficiently through various specialized units and sections. Each unit plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of the community. Here are some of the major sections:

  • ADMINISTRATION: This section is overseen directly by the Chief of Police. Wendy Guandique serves as the Secretary to the Chief, ensuring smooth administrative operations.
  • Operations & Services: Captain Brian Miller and Services Captain Daniel Barnes hold leadership roles here, ensuring that the operational facets of the department run seamlessly.
  • MANAGEMENT ANALYST: Jennifer Duong plays a pivotal role in analyzing the department’s performance metrics and identifying areas of improvement.
  • AMBULANCE/FIREMED: This section oversees emergency medical responses, ensuring that the FireMed Program runs effectively.
  • ANIMAL CONTROL: This unit takes charge of all animal-related matters in La Habra, from addressing stray animals to handling licensing.
  • INVESTIGATIONS BUREAU: Spearheaded by Lt. Jim Tigner, this bureau delves deep into intricate cases, unraveling mysteries and bringing perpetrators to justice.
  • PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS BUREAU: Upholding the high standards of the department, this bureau scrutinizes the conduct and operations of the police force.

What is the History of the La Habra Police Department?

The La Habra Police Department has been a stalwart guardian of the community since its inception. It’s evident that this department has been serving the La Habra community with dedication and integrity for a significant duration. An interesting tidbit from the search reveals that since 1965, the La Habra Police Department has remained unwavering in its mission to provide a safe environment for its residents.

How Does the La Habra Police Department Serve the Area?

The La Habra Police Department exemplifies community policing by forging strong bonds with its residents. Their commitment to open communication is highlighted by their regular updates and outreach on platforms like Nextdoor. Informing residents about the operational status of their phone lines reflects the department’s commitment to transparency and accessibility.

Their dedication to community engagement isn’t just confined to law enforcement. They actively participate in community programs, ranging from youth employment and training to parks and recreation, ensuring a holistic approach to community wellbeing.

The department’s commitment to emergency services, particularly its collaboration with FireMed, ensures that residents receive swift medical attention during crises. In addition, their efforts in domestic violence victim services show their dedication to supporting the most vulnerable members of the community.

The La Habra Police Department stands as a beacon of trust, reliability, and community engagement, making La Habra a safer place for all its residents.

Address: 150 North Euclid Street, La Habra, CA 90631, United States


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