What Are the Different Units the Little Rock Police Department?

The leadership of the LRPD is firmly anchored under the direction of Chief Heath Helton. To better serve the diverse needs of the Little Rock community, the LRPD comprises several specialized units, each with its distinct functions:

  • Patrol Division: Responsible for general law enforcement duties, this division performs routine patrols and traffic control and attends to emergency calls.
  • Criminal Investigations: Focused on solving serious crimes, this division consists of detectives who conduct in-depth investigations, analyze evidence, and ensure perpetrators are brought to justice.
  • Community Engagement: This unit strives to foster positive relationships between the police and the community, organizing community events, outreach programs, and public awareness campaigns.
  • Traffic Unit: Specializing in managing city traffic and investigating accidents, this unit plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safe flow of traffic and reducing road mishaps.
  • SWAT: A specialized unit trained to handle high-risk situations, including hostage rescues, counter-terrorism, and handling heavily-armed criminals.

What is History of the Little Rock Police Department?

Established to uphold the rule of law and ensure the well-being of its citizens, the Little Rock Police Department has evolved over the decades into a modern, progressive force. The LRPD has grown in size, capabilities, and reputation since its humble beginnings with only a handful of officers. Its journey reflects the city’s own trajectory, facing challenges and embracing opportunities to become an exemplar of 21st-century policing.

How Does the Little Rock Police Department Serve the Area?

The Little Rock Police Department recognizes the importance of community engagement in achieving long-term success. Every interaction with the public is viewed as a chance to strengthen the bond and increase mutual trust. With the value statement “CONNECT,” the LRPD emphasizes commitment to the community, objectivity in actions, nurturing its personnel, networking with other stakeholders, ensuring ethical treatment for all, striving for excellence, and remaining trustworthy.

In pursuit of its vision, the LRPD diligently collaborates with diverse community partners. Their aim is not just to address crime but to proactively work towards making Little Rock one of the safest cities in the state and the nation. By embracing and perfecting the principles of the 21st Century Policing Pillars, the LRPD showcases a commitment to progressive and inclusive policing strategies that prioritize community welfare above all else.

The department’s success is evident in its consistent efforts to uphold its mission, vision, and values. Whether it’s through proactive community outreach, rigorous training of its personnel, or the adoption of advanced policing technologies, the Little Rock Police Department remains unwavering in its dedication to serve and protect.


Address: 615 W Markham St. / Little Rock, Arkansas 72201.


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